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Falcons Top Needs Going Into The Offseason

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What Are The Falcons Top Needs Going Into The Offseason?

With the Falcons season being cut short, they can finally relax and take a minute to reflect. With the offseason arriving, the staff will be looking for holes to fill on the team. There were multiple players this season who may have overachieved or underachieved at their respective positions. The Falcons will also have to evaluate their free agents this offseason. If the asking price is too much, they might have to let some players walk. Luckily, the team will draft to fill those holes if that happens. Here are some of the Falcons top needs going into the offseason.

Defensive Tackle

Defensive tackle may be one of the top needs for the Falcons. The line did a great job creating pressure along the interior, but sometimes it was non-existent. Dontari Poe played well for Atlanta this year. He was a great piece to have next to Grady Jarrett, and they caused havoc throughout the season. Sadly, Poe is a free agent, and his asking price may be too much. This means the Falcons may have to go out and find another tackle through the draft or sign a free agent. It is probably best for them to find one through the draft. It is cheaper, and they will have a better chance of retaining him.


The Falcons struggled along the offensive line this season. This had to do with Andy Levitre’s injury at the end of the season, and the roller coaster ride that was Wes Schweitzer. Schweitzer struggled a lot at the beginning of the season, but you could see him turning the corner midseason. He still had games where he was just straight overpowered, and that had to do with the level of competition he faced. Try controlling Ndamukong Suh, Aaron Donald, and Fletcher Cox in one season. The Falcons could try signing a veteran or stick with Schweitzer and see if he takes a big leap next season.

Tight End

Is tight end really one of the top needs of the team? I say yes. This is not to say that Austin Hooper was not good for the Falcons. Even though he had a love-hate relationship with the fan base, he played big at times for Atlanta. What I am concerned about is the depth around him. Steve Sarkisian loved using two tight end sets; they were successful running them. I just do not think that Levine Toilolo will be a valuable piece down the stretch. The team also seems to be hesitant on playing Eric Saubert, so investing in another tight end would benefit the Falcons.