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Who Will Be The Falcons Unsung Hero Against The Panthers?

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Who Will Be The Falcons Unsung Hero Against The Panthers?

Win or go home. That is what this last game is all about for the Falcons. They have been through ups and downs this season, and they can finish strong against the Panthers. The last time these two faced off, the Falcons had numerous chances to win the game. The Panthers are not a dangerous team to me, so I think they will show up this time. We always talk about the leading players on the team to make a difference. Julio Jones, Matt Ryan, and Deion Jones are the guys we heard a lot about this season. However, in a win or home situation, who needs to be the Falcons unsung hero so they can advance to the playoffs? Let’s take a look.

Mohamed Sanu

Sanu has had a solid season heading into the last game. Outside of Julio, he has been the most consistent receiver on the team. They look for him on crucial third-down plays and to also play some quarterback. Yes, Sanu can do it all. Surprisingly, Sanu has been quiet down the stretch, and I am not just talking about his play. Sanu usually is the one hyped up after he makes a play. Lately, he has not been getting in the opponents face. To add more fuel to the fire, the Falcons need Sanu to show his competitive side and lift up his teammates. This game is the most important one of the season, so we need to see some emotion from the players.

De’Vondre Campbell

Campbell made a lot of noise at the beginning of the season. There were many saying he was the most improved player on the team. Since then, we have not heard much about him. He makes plays here and there but hasn’t made much of an impact lately. We should be hearing a lot about him this week, since he may have the job of containing Cam Newton. With Newton’s mobility, the Falcons will have to use a spy on him. Campbell will most likely be the one to have to take on the challenge. Luckily, Campbell has the speed, and he is a physical linebacker. He will be able to take down the freak-sized Cam Newton.

Vic Beasley

The league leader in sacks last season, Beasley has been quiet this season as well. After suffering an injury against the Packers, Beasley has not been the same. He switched positions at one point in the season, which wasn’t his natural position. He just returned to rushing the passer, which is where he made his name. The Falcons are going to need Beasley this week to give Newton some problems. He is not a very accurate passer, so adding pressure will only make things worse for Newton. Hopefully, Beasley can finish his lackluster season off strong with a couple of sacks on Newton. I will give him the best possibility to be the Falcons unsung hero this week.

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