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Falcons Win Defensive Fight Against Division Rival Saints In Week 14

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Falcons Win Defensive Fight To Edge Out Saints

It was “win or start thinking about next year” game for the Falcons Thursday night. They had a chance to keep their playoff hopes alive and also win the division. If they lost, it would take a lot for them to sniff the postseason. The Saints came into this game with a dangerous running back duo and revamped defense. We all know both offenses are capable of putting up points. At the end of the day, it took a defensive fight to win the game. Here are some observations from this crucial Week 14 battle.

Matt Ryan Stumbles, But Comes Up When Needed

Matt Ryan did not have a good game. He threw two picks, and one of them was mighty questionable. At times, Matt looked uncomfortable in the pocket and missed some big plays as well. Through all the bad things he did, the Falcons were still down by only one touchdown. That meant the game was not out of reach for Ryan and the offense. After stalling out or turning the ball over in the red zone in previous trips, “Matty Ice” stepped up. He threw a touchdown pass to Mohamed Sanu to tie the game. Later on, he drove the offense down the field to give the Falcons a three-point lead.

Drew Brees Hates Deion Jones

Who would’ve thought it would be a defensive fight with two offensive powerhouses playing? The Falcons defense came to play in the second half of the game. After seeing Matt Ryan struggling, they kept the team in the game. At the end of the game, Deion Jones went up and grabbed an interception to seal the deal for Atlanta. This is not the first time Jones has picked off Brees in the red zone. Last year, in New Orleans, he did the same thing — and he took it back for a touchdown. Besides Drew Brees probably hating Jones, this defense as a whole stepped up. Building on a performance like this will only make this last stretch of games easier.

Continuing To Control Their Destiny

If the Falcons did not come out of this matchup with the win, they wouldn’t be able to control anything. They would have to start looking on the outside to see if they could make the playoffs. With a win, they still have a chance to make the playoffs and win the division. With the rest of their games being against their division, it will not be easy. If the Falcons play their game, they will be right in the playoff mix at the end of the season.

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