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First Division Game Ends In Disappointment For Falcons

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Falcons First Division Game Ends In Disappointment

The Falcons came in today with a good chance to beat the Panthers. They just traded Kevin Benjamin earlier in the week, and it was not looking good for their offense. Atlanta had one job, and that was to stop the run. They had much success stopping the run against the Jets last week. It was a different story this week. The Falcons had multiple chances to put points on the board, but they just could not capitalize. Here are some observations from the Falcons first division game.

Falcons Miss On Multiple Opportunities

After the first half, it felt like the Falcons should have been up by 24 points. They were down by four points heading into the second half. The defense forced two fumbles, and the offense was not able to turn those into points. Matt Ryan overthrew Julio Jones which would’ve put them up 17 points. They missed on some third-down plays as well. It was both on the play calling and execution. At times, it just seemed like the Panthers wanted it more. In the fourth quarter, Julio Jones dropped one of the biggest catches of the game. That drop pretty much summed up the Falcons season so far. The team has to learn to stop hurting themselves throughout the game because it will most likely cost them.

Cam And McCaffrey Slice Up Falcons Defense

The defense knew what they had to do coming into their first division game. Stop Cam and stop the run. They were able to stop the run at the beginning of the game, credit to the two fumbles. On the other hand, Cam could not be stopped the entire game. He was able to slice up the defense on numerous occasions. Converting on short third-downs with his legs hurt the Falcons all day. Christian McCaffrey had himself a day as well coming out of the backfield. Deion Jones definitely had his hands full trying to keep up with him. McCaffrey was also a threat out wide, which gave the Falcons some trouble.

Inconsistency Continues

The Falcons have yet to get it together halfway through the season. One quarter they look good, then the next quarter they look lost. If they have not got it together now, they never will. This team has to learn how to play a complete game, or games like this will continue to happen. These next two matchups will tell us how the rest of the season will probably pan out. They will host Dallas at home next week and will travel to Seattle to take on the Seahawks the following week. If they can show any light in both games, their season may still be alive.