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First Preseason Game Takeaways: Atlanta Falcons First Team Looks Solid

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3 Takeaways From First Preseason Game: Falcons vs. Dolphins

Football is back, but only in preseason form for now. Even though it was just a preseason game, there were many things to look at in this game. Of course, we never see the first team offense as much in the first preseason game, but there were a lot of positive things. This is also a good time to look at the second and third string players as they battle to make the 53 man roster. The Falcons did lose 20-23, but everyone knows not to look into the score in these type of games. Here are 3 major takeaways from the first preseason game for the Falcons.

First Team Offense Looks Sharp

It was only for one series, but the offense looked fast and sharp. Mohamed Sanu made a nice one-handed catch near the sideline, and Devonta Freeman caught a touchdown pass to end the series. The Freeman touchdown was actually a 4th down conversion, showing the team was aggressive from the start. Ben Garland started at right guard and looked comfortable, especially having to go against Ndamukong Suh. Julio Jones and Taylor Gabriel didn’t play in the first preseason game, but hopefully, we’ll see them in the next game. For now, though, the offense looks like it shouldn’t have problems this season.

First Team Defense Was On Point

The first team defense was out attacking the ball. Deion Jones was everywhere the ball was on the first series, and other players followed suit. The run defense was stout with Dontari Poe and Grady Jarrett in the interior. The play of the night for the defense was DeVondre Campbell’s one-handed interception. He was also a bright spot on the defense tonight with the way he was attacking the ball on run and pass plays. This is just a sample size for the defense of course, but so far they look good.

Jalen Collins Is Not Proving His Case To Stay On The Team

Jalen Collins was suspended earlier this week for violating the PED policy again. Many people think that he’s more gone than good on the team, and he didn’t make anything better on Thursday. He almost allowed a big play in the 3rd quarter, if it wasn’t for a flag. In the 4th quarter, he allowed a 99-yard touchdown. If there’s no other reason to think about Collins on the final roster, this should definitely be a reason. Hopefully, he comes out and plays better in the next game.

We should see more of the first team in the next game, which is against the Steelers next Sunday. Stay tuned for any updates on the team.