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Hot Takes Before The Season: Atlanta Falcons Edition

Hot Takes Ross Catrow via Flickr


Atlanta Falcons Hot Takes Before The Season

Football is back, so you know what everybody is ready for, hot takes! Not the bad ones either, but the ones that could actually happen but might not. There aren’t many hot take worthy things to happen for the Falcons since there aren’t many questions regarding the team. The good thing is that you can always stir up some news regardless of what’s going on with a team. Just make sure they actually make sense.

Matt Ryan Will Throw For 40+ Touchdowns

He threw 38 last season, so why not 40 this season? Matt Ryan had an amazing season last year, breaking records and being the Most Valuable Player of the NFL. The reason for his success could be the players he had around him, and also the scheme. Well, gladly none of that is changing for him this upcoming season. All of the weapons he has on offense are healthy going into the season, which makes his job easier. Offensive Coordinator Steve Sarkisian is running a similar scheme to what the Falcons had last season, so Ryan doesn’t have much new to learn. Being in the same system for another year is good because you can only improve from that. The Falcons had a tough schedule last year and Matt Ryan still did a lot of damage regardless of what defense was in front of him. This season’s schedule isn’t as hard, so it won’t be a shock if Ryan puts up big numbers. Since we’re talking about hot takes he might win MVP again, who knows?

Austin Hooper Will Lead The Team In Touchdowns

Austin Hooper will indeed see an increased number of snaps this after his play last season. With so fire power on the offensive side of the ball for this team, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Hooper went off this season. We already know Julio Jones is going to require double coverage in almost every game. He might even see triple coverage in the red zone. Players like Taylor Gabriel can take the top off of any defense. With all the attention these other players are receiving, somebody has to be open or in a 1-on-1 situation. That leaves us with Austin Hooper. There were numerous times last season that tight ends were completely open, the only thing was that it wasn’t all Hooper. Expect Hooper to take full control of the tight end position and catch a lot of passes from Matt Ryan.

Grady Jarrett Will Lead The Team In Sacks

After his performance in the Super Bowl, I’m not sure if this should be part of the hot takes. The reason I think this is a hot take is that Vic Beasley is the ideal person for the most sacks. Since teams know how dominant Beasley is, he is going to attract a lot of attention. This leaves the other linemen to do the dirty work, and I think Jarrett is the guy for the job. It won’t be surprising if other players like Adrian Clayborn or Takk McKinley recorded a lot of sacks this season. Since the defensive line is so deep, I wouldn’t put anything past them. Since Jarrett could play both the run and pass, expect him to be dominant this season.

The Falcons Will Be #1 In Offense And Defense

We know what the Falcons offense is made of. They were the No.1 scoring offense in the league a year ago, and I expect the same thing to happen this year. The team didn’t lose many bodies on the offensive side so they can only get better from him. And when you have Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, expect nothing less than a top 10 offense from this team. What should be a surprise is the defense possibly becoming the nest in the league. With all the young and fast talent on defense, I expect them to be extremely dangerous. The defensive line is deep, the linebackers are fast, and the secondary is filled with ball hawks. There already aren’t many great defenses in the league as we speak, so the Falcons have a chance to be one of the best. The defense has always been a problem for the Falcons, but you could see them putting a lot of pressure on opposing teams this season.

Devonta Freeman And Falcons Won’t Get Deal Done During Camp

This isn’t to say that a deal won’t get done at all, but it seems like both sides are far on a deal. Both sides want a deal done before the regular season. The Falcons were able to get Julio Jones a deal during training camp years ago. Desmond Trufant was waiting for his contract extension in the offseason. Robert Alford was waiting for his contract extension during the season. Freeman is going to get his extension, it’s just a matter of when.