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Why Matt Ryan Deserves A Big Contract Extension

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Matt Ryan Deserves A Big Contract Extension This Offseason

Matt Ryan has been one of the best quarterbacks in Falcons history. You can also say he has been one of the most consistent in the NFL since being drafted. Statistically, Ryan did not have a great year this season, but I would not blame that on him much. He had to adjust to a new offensive coordinator, and he had some unlucky plays occur. Besides that, Ryan is slated to get a new contract extension this offseason. With Alex Smith and Jimmy Garoppolo getting contracts, Ryan may know his price range in his new extension. Either way, he deserves as much of a big contract extension, and this is why.

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Those three letters might help secure that big contract extension alone. Matt Ryan had an amazing MVP season in 2016. He threw touchdowns to 13 different players that season and his passer rating was terrific. So why would you not pay Ryan a big extension? Yes, he did have a down year the following season, but it was expected. Nobody has a season like Ryan did every year — unless their name is Tom Brady. In any case, if Ryan needs an argument for some big money, his MVP season is a good place to start.

Winning Success Rate Says It All

If you have seen Matt Ryan play since he was drafted, you would know that the Falcons have rarely had any bad seasons. Besides 2013 and 2014, the Falcons have finished at or above .500 on the season every year. Ryan has seen much success in the league, and the record shows. He has taken the Falcons to the playoffs six times, and the NFC Championship twice. Not many quarterbacks in the NFL can say that, but if you can, you are definitely on a short list. To add to his success rate, he is one of the most clutch quarterbacks in the league. They don’t call him Matty Ice for nothing.
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Who Else Is Going To Get The Money?

The Falcons would not dare go and find another quarterback. Matt Ryan still has a couple of years left to be an efficient quarterback, and the Falcons should know that. Who else would the Falcons give this big contract extension to? If it is not an elite quarterback out there, then it should be nobody other than Matt Ryan getting this money. Signing Ryan to this extension also helps the Falcons clear cap space so they can sign some more pieces this offseason. It is honestly a win-win for Ryan and the Falcons, and I expect this extension to be coming soon.

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