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New Packers Defense Will Headline Week 2 Matchup For Falcons

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New Packers Defense Stands In Way Of Falcons This Week

The Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons meet again for a Sunday night showdown. The last time the two met, the Falcons were closing down the Georgia Dome heading to the Super Bowl. This time around they’re opening up the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium to play the Packers. Both times they played last year the Falcons came out victorious. In week 1, Green Bay won a ground out game against the Seattle Seahawks. The new Packers defense, which they call ‘nitro’, showed up in that game. That didn’t happen when they played Atlanta last year. Nonetheless, they’ll be ready Sunday night. Here are some key things to look for in the upcoming matchup.

Green Bay Defense Looking For Revenge

When we think of the Packers, we think of their high-powered offense led by Aaron Rodgers. Last week it wasn’t Rodgers who won them the game, it was the new Packers defense. When the Falcons played the Packers, their defense was the reason they lost, by a lot. The Packers’ new defense got constant pressure on Russell Wilson and was able to throw him off his game. We don’t know if that was more of the defense or more of how bad the Seahawks offensive line was. Either way, the Falcons are going to challenge up front. The stout Chicago Bears line gave them some problems last week, but they were able to overcome those and win the game. Behind the Packers line is a not so scary secondary, which Julio Jones exposed by himself last year. Atlanta should be able to get anything they want in the air, as long as the line gives Matt Ryan enough time.

Speaking Of Julio, Who’s Going To Guard Him?

Earlier this week the Packers released LaDarius Gunter. Gunter was the cornerback who gave up 180 yards and 2 touchdowns to Jones in the NFC Championship Game. He seemed like their best option last year, so who’s going to step up this week? It’s either going to be Davon House or Quinten Rollins. Should Julio be worried? Probably not. Jones had a quiet game against the Bears, so expect to see him featured more in this game. With all the attention he deserves, it should open up opportunities for the other receivers as well. A good example was how Austin Hooper got open for the 88-yard touchdown. Expect the receiving core as a whole to have a field day on Sunday night.

Aaron Rodgers Still A Threat

The man is in the MVP conversation every year, so there’s no way you can forget about him. He can light up any defense that’s thrown in his way and he’s proven it multiple times. The first time the Falcons played them last year, Rodgers exposed the young defense, and he didn’t even have all his receivers. In the NFCCG, he did have all of his receivers, but the Falcons defense had him figured out by then. The Falcons defense has looked to be improved since that matchup. But, as long as Aaron Rodgers is on the field, anything is possible. He sets up his receivers for success, and he can make any throw in any situation. All the Falcons have to do is get constant pressure from the defensive line and things can be a little easier from there.