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Sluggish Falcons Come Out Of Tampa Bay With Win

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Sluggish Falcons Come Out With A Win In Tampa Bay

The Falcons came in with two goals in mind. If they win two games, they clinch a playoff berth. If they win out, they win the division. Before thinking too much into the future, the Falcons had to take to take care of the Buccaneers. They came out firing in the first half, but the second half was a different story. The Falcons have not been a good third quarter team, and it showed in this game. It came down to another last-minute drive that could have ruined their season. Luckily, the Buccaneers came up short, and the sluggish Falcons came out victorious. Here are some observations from Week 15.

Offense Loses A Step

The offense was up and down the entire game. Matt Ryan was off with most of his deep balls, and his accuracy was not the best. One thing Ryan did do well Monday night was moving out of the pocket and getting yards with his legs. Also, the Falcons were able to capitalize when they needed to. Devonta Freeman made the most out of his playing time with Coleman being out. He was running with authority, and his playmaking out of the backfield was great. It was not perfect for the offense, but they did enough just to get by.

Defense Has To Tighten Up

Whenever the team gets a lead, they play a soft coverage defense. Every time they go to that defense, it never works out well. After the Falcons would score, the Bucs would come right back and answer. This is no knock on the defense. They are a good group, but they have to start playing like they are down. Dan Quinn and Marquand Manuel have to understand this as well. When you are up by just ten points, the game is not over. You have to continue to attack the entire game until it looks like the game is out of reach.

Saints Rematch In Week 16

Hopefully, we do not see the sluggish Falcons next week against the Saints. If they play like they did last night, there’s no way they will beat New Orleans at home. Matt Ryan has to play smarter than he did the last time these two teams met as well. These Falcons only need to win one more game to get into the playoffs. They could be a dangerous opponent for anybody if they are clicking, but you never know with this year’s Falcons.

Photo by Thomson20192