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Most Surprising Moves From Falcons 53-Man Roster

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Falcons: Most Surprising Moves From Saturday

Saturday was either a good day for NFL players, or it was a sad day. All NFL teams had to trim their roster down to 53 by 4 pm. While many players were anxious to see if they made the team, others were probably scared for their lives. The Falcons had a lot of good players competing for roster spots, but sadly, most didn’t make it. There were some moves that had people questioning what the team’s doing. Here are the most surprising moves from the roster cut deadline.

Reggie Davis/ Marvin Hall Not On Final Roster

The most intriguing battle of the preseason was the final wide receiver spot. The Falcons had a lot of competition for the wide receiver position, and in the end, Nick Williams won the battle. Williams is familiar with the team after having experience with them. That must have given him the edge, but you couldn’t count out Davis or Hall. Both players made some great plays through the preseason while attempting to make the team. It seemed like every week it was a back and forth battle, but ultimately neither made the team. The Browns recently claimed Davis, so he quickly found his new team. There is still hope for Hall, as he can still make the practice squad. And no disrespect to Nick Williams, he earned the spot.

Chris Odom

Although Chris Odom did make an impact in the last preseason game, I guess it wasn’t enough to make the final roster. Let’s be honest, the team already has many talented defensive ends on the roster. That’s where they have the most depth, and it just wouldn’t be a good idea to keep Odom. Recently, the Packers claimed Odom. Hopefully, he can play a major role on their team. Just know that wherever Odom ended up, he’s going to give it his all.

Jalen Collins Is Still Here

This was probably one of the most surprising moves for me. After having an up and down offseason, Jalen Collins found his way onto the team. The Falcons may need him when he returns from his suspension since they’re thin at cornerback. C.J. Goodwin looks to be the 4th corner, so we’ll see how he holds up when his number is called. Collins didn’t play particularly well in the preseason, but as the games went by, he seemed to improve. Maybe the Falcons see something in him that others don’t.