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Are The Suspect Eagles Ready For The Battle-Tested Falcons?

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Is This Suspect Eagles Team Ready For The Battle-Tested Falcons?

The Falcons will be heading to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles Saturday. They earned a convincing win against the Rams in the Wild Card round to get here. The defense came through big, and the offense was steady enough to put points on the board. This week, they play an Eagles team that has not gotten much respect recently. The number one seed is projected to lose to the sixth seed. The Eagles had a great season, but their MVP; Carson Wentz; tore his ACL at the end of the season. This leaves them with Nick Foles, who is capable of making plays, but did not show it in the last couple of games. Will this suspect Eagles team be ready for the battle-tested Falcons? I do not think so, and I will give you some reasons why.

Nick Foles Will Not Be Enough

The suspect Eagles have a suspect quarterback under helm now. As I said, Nick Foles is capable of making plays. I just wouldn’t trust him the way he has played so far. When he started for the Eagles years ago, he was great. That was because Chip Kelly put him in a position to succeed. Any quarterback could flourish in Kelly’s system. This is an entirely different offense, which means Foles is going to have to do a little more to help this team win. If the Falcons get constant pressure on Foles and get him out of the pocket, the Falcons will win. Who knows, we might get the Nick Foles who threw seven touchdowns years ago.

Defense May Be Suspect

Before I continue, there is nothing suspect about this:

The Eagles defensive line has played great this season, as you can see. If the Falcons offensive line cannot handle their business up front, Matt may struggle. Last week, the Falcons had to try to contain Aaron Donald. This week, they have to go against Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham. The players behind them may be suspect, most notably the secondary. They did not end the season strong, and they have some injuries as well. This will be great for the Falcons offense — especially the way they have been playing as of late.

Have They Proved Themselves?

I could sound like a hater but have these suspect Eagles shown us much this season? They did have a 13-3 record, but the competition they played this season has not been great. They have played only a few good teams, and have not had a real test. I think the Falcons may be one of the best teams they have faced this season. They present problems on both offense and defense and will give Philly a run for their money. The Falcons will have to face the weather and the crowd, but I think they will come out victorious at the end.