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Undisciplined Falcons Lose 3rd Straight Game

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Undisciplined Falcons Can’t Get Anything Going Against Patriots

Blowing a lead or not having a lead at all? Which is worse? The Falcons sure don’t have a problem with either after losing to the Patriots again in a Super Bowl Rematch. The high anticipation of this being a good game went down the drain early. These undisciplined Falcons could not get anything going, and the Pats had everything going. Once a top-5 offense, the Falcons struggled to even get a field goal at one point in the game. New England attacked them all game, on offense and defense. Here are some takeaways from tonight’s game.

Missed Opportunities Killed Falcons

Your undisciplined Falcons did it again this week. Last week, it was the defense that made careless plays that ruined them. This week, they let the same thing happen with a roughing the passer penalty. If it were not for that penalty, the Falcons would have gotten a much-needed interception. It was a questionable call, but the Falcons played undisciplined the entire game. On offense, the Falcons missed two easy field goals. Matt Bryant is usually a great kicker, but tonight he just didn’t have it. Matt Ryan missed on some end zone opportunities as well. His accuracy has not been the best, and I cannot find an apparent reason why.

This Offense Is Too Soft

This team is not aggressive at all. As I state every week, it does not seem like the offense knows what to do in certain situations. Throwing short passes is not going to get you a first down. Running the ball when you are down by two touchdowns is not going to get you a quick score. This offense has become too soft. The aggressiveness that they had last year has disappeared. The only good thing about the offense was Julio Jones finally getting in the end zone. You could tell Jones was frustrated after scoring with the way he shoved off Malcolm Butler. There have to be some major changes to this offense if this team wants to compete. With all the weapons in Atlanta’s arsenal, there is no excuse for scoring only seven points in a game.

Is The Season Over?

It is crazy that we are having this conversation already. The Atlanta Falcons are currently 3-3 and have a couple of winnable games left. However, with the way they have been playing, anything is possible. They can still turn this season around. As of yet, they have not played any division games, and the division has not been playing good so far. The Saints have been playing the best football in the division thus far, but can they keep it up? The Panthers and Bucs lost their games today, which still gives the team a fighting chance. Undisciplined Falcons or good Falcons? Which team will we see down the stretch?