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Week 9: Carolina Playmakers Falcons Should Look Out For

Carolina playmakers Guy Harbert via Flickr


Carolina Playmakers Falcons Should Key On In Week 9

The Falcons are finally facing a division opponent this week. The Panthers have been on a rocky road so far this season. They are 5-3, but they still don’t look like a promising football team. For the most part, the defense has been responsible for keeping them in all their games, due to the offense not showing up. Cam Newton is still carrying the load on the team, with a couple of players helping him out. It will not get any better for their offense since they decided to trade Kelvin Benjamin earlier this week. This Week 9 matchup should be an easy task for the Falcons, but there are still some Carolina playmakers the team should look out for this season.

Ed Dickson

With Greg Olsen still injured, Ed Dickson had to come in and replace him. He has not made much noise, but the Falcons seem to struggle with good tight ends. Keanu Neal has stepped up big for the defense this season, and he will likely be the one matched up against Dickson. Neal did well against Rob Gronkowski, one of the best tight ends in the game. There aren’t many reliable receivers on the Panthers offense, so that will have Cam looking for Dickson a lot. De’Vondre Campbell may also get some looks at Dickson, and he does a great job on tight ends as well. If the Falcons can limit Dickson, they will have a great shot at winning the game.

Christian McCaffrey

Even though he’s a running back, McCaffrey has been the Panthers most consistent receiver. The Panthers can do that since he has so much speed. Reminds you of Tevin Coleman, right? Luckily, the Falcons have a speedster in Deion Jones to try to contain him. If Jones can stay poised and not try to do too much, he will be able to keep up with McCaffrey. The Falcons may also decide to put a cornerback on him, which isn’t  a bad idea. They still have to worry about him coming out of the backfield as well. The Falcons found new life in their run defense last week, so they’ll look to build on that this week.

Cam Newton

Out of all the Carolina playmakers, he does it all for this offense. He can run, pass, block, and probably catch if they gave him a chance. The most prominent threat Newton poses for a team is his legs. The Falcons have to keep him in the pocket and make sure he does not get outside. Newton has been off with his passing so far this season, but they shouldn’t give him enough time to make a play. Keeping a spy on him may be a good idea, especially with his accuracy off. Additionally, his receivers are not making plays. They’re having a hard time getting open, or they’re dropping catches. These problems should work out for the Falcons this week and should get them another win.