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NFL Training Camps Are Officially In Session

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Five Teams Open Training Camps With Rookies

The time has finally come football fans, NFL training camps are officially underway! On Wednesday, July 19th, five teams opened training camps with their rookies. Those teams include the Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Rookies will continue to be the first ones to report to camp as the next week goes on. The Dolphins will report on the 20th, while the Cardinals report on the 21st. Rookies for the Eagles, Vikings, Browns, and Broncos report on the 23rd. The Colts, Chiefs, Patriots, Raiders, and Lions will report on the 24th.  Cincinnati, Houston, Carolina, and Tampa Bay will be reporting on the 25th. Rookies for the Bills, Falcons, Rams, Packers, and Redskins will report on the 26th. The 49ers, Giants, and Steelers will start camp on the 27th, while the Jets and Titans will report on the 28th. The Chargers and Seahawks will be the last two teams to report on the 29th.

As far as full teams (including veterans) reporting to camp, the Arizona Cardinals will be the first team to report on Friday, July 21st. The Cardinals will face off against the Cowboys in the Hall of Fame Game on August 3rd to kick off the preseason.

Home Sweet Home

The traditions of NFL training camps are quickly beginning to change. Traditionally, teams would go away from their home turf for their training camps. However, more teams are beginning to stay at home. This season, 66 percent (21 out of 32) of NFL teams will be staying home for camp. These camps will be held at their own facilities or at a facility within a ten-mile radius. This is a large number compared back to 2000, in which only 32 percent of the teams held training camp at home.

This means that teams have begun to change where they hold their training camps.  As far as teams staying at one place over a period of time, the Packers hold the longest tenure, which is 60 years at Saint Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin. The Vikings and Steelers have also stayed at their training camp homes for a long period, both having held camp at the same place for the past 52 seasons.

Preseason Television Schedule

The NFL has also officially released the national television schedule for the 2017 preseason. To start off the preseason schedule, NBC will air the Hall of Fame Game between the Cardinals and Cowboys on August 3rd at 8 pm.

During week two of the preseason, ESPN will air two games. The first game will be aired on Thursday, August 17th between the Buccaneers and Jaguars at 8 pm. A Monday night (August 21st)  matchup will follow between the Giants and Browns at 8 pm.

For week three of the preseason, CBS and FOX will air two games each, while NBC will air one game. CBS will air their games on Friday, August 25th, and Saturday, August 26th. The matchup on the 25th will be between the Chiefs and Seahawks and will air at 8 pm. The 26th will contain a matchup between the two LA teams, the Chargers and Rams, and will air at 8 pm as well.  FOX will have two games on Sunday, August 27th. The first game will feature the Bears and Titans and will air at 1 pm. For the second game, the Bengals and Redskins will face off at 4:30 pm.  NBC will have a game on the 27th as well, which will feature the 49ers and Vikings, and will air at 8 pm.

*All times Eastern

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