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Predicting Offensive All Rookie Team

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Predicting Offensive All Rookie Team

Rookies are the talk of the offseason. You have your instant impact rookies, slow developing rookies, and the “where did he come from” rookies. No team is honest about how their rookies are performing in camp. Everybody wants their fan base to think that their rookie selections will be the ones that will lead them to greatness. Mainly because the performance of their selections will determine their job security. So, let’s act like training camp talk isn’t real and let’s focus strictly on game tape and opportunity.  With introductions out-of-the-way, here are my selections for the offensive All Rookie Team.

Quarterback Selection: Deshaun Watson

Watson has the chance to start something special in Houston. The Texans already have a top-level defense, elite coaching staff, and playmakers on offense. The only thing keeping them from glory was a quarterback. Keyword WAS. If Watson can transition his college production to the NFL, the accolades will come in faster than you can say 2017 Super Bowl Champions Rookie of the Year.

Running Back Selection: Joe Mixon

Mixon is one of those rare talents that only comes around once every decade or so. If we were judging strictly on his ability as a running back, Mixon would have easily been selected in the top ten picks. Obviously off the field issues dropped his stock, but nonetheless, this article is prediction award winners based on talent and opportunity. Two things Mixon will have an abundance of in Cincinnati.

Wide Receiver Selections: 1. Corey Davis

The word dominant is thrown around very freely in the age of social media. Honestly, there are only half a dozen or so players that are truly unstoppable and Davis isn’t one of those players yet. But that’s only because he hasn’t played an NFL game yet. Maybe it’s far-fetched to say a rookie will be one of the league’s elite. But if anybody can do it, Davis can.

2. John Ross

Every time I write an article with Ross featured, my heart sinks a little. I mean he broke the 40-yard dash record but because he wasn’t wearing Adidas, he didn’t win an island. Ross if you’re reading this it’s too late. All jokes aside, Ross will be just fine because he’s more than just a speedster. Ross has the tools to be not only one of the premier deep threats in the league but one of the best all-around receivers.

Tight End Selection: David Njoku

This spot was literally a toss-up between Njoku and O.J. Howard. But there will be too many mouths to feed in Tampa Bay for Howard to have to the production necessary to win any rookie awards. In steps Njoku, who has the raw talent and opportunity to put the NFL on notice. Njoku is still learning the technical aspects of his position but has the size, speed, and leaping ability to be a red zone threat early and often.

Offensive Tackle Selection: Ryan Ramczyk

A few draft analysts pegged Ramczyk as a top prospect coming into the draft. Offseason hip surgery hurt his stock, but the New Orleans Saints should not complain because Ramczyk will come in and immediately compete for a starting spot. His combination of athletics and smarts will make him a staple on All-NFL teams for years to come.

Offensive Interior Selection: Forrest Lamp

Lamp gets on this list, strictly because of his last name. So many puns, so little time. But on a serious note, Lamp has the talent to back up this prediction. He can play any position on the line and play that position extremely well. Lamp can handle more athletic interior rushers with his length and size, so guard should be his primary position. Lamp will shine with the Chargers, you just need to light a fire under him.