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Pederson’s Encouraging Press Conference a Good Sign

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Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach Doug Pederson says QB Carson Wentz is pushing

Head coach Pederson delivered a press conference that revolved around sophomore quarterback Wentz’s progress and the receivers.”He’s really understanding our offense and scheme, and that’s part of it, while, making good choices and decisions with the ball.” Coach Pederson mentioned how Wentz is working intensely to improve from last year and therefore, the progress Wentz is making is exciting going into training camp.

Coach Pederson believes hard work will be key

As a result, Pederson believes one of the things, in addition to hard work, that is going to probably help Wentz the most this season might be the potential of having stability in the offensive line because it was not there last season.

WR Nelson Agholor is getting reps at the slot

Agholor is a player that was beyond a disappointment for the Eagles due to drops. Agholor seems to have become best friends with the slot position during spring training, according to coach Pederson. So, expect the former USC player to see some snaps at that position.

Wentz will be taking receivers to North Dakota for sessions to polish their craft

Coach Pederson commented in his press conference about Wentz inviting the receiving corps to North Dakota to do some work. “I think it just shows the leadership that Carson has and the rapport he has with the receivers and the confidence that he has in those guys”, coach Pederson told Jeff Skversky.

The former Bison is showing leadership

Coach Doug Pederson makes a great point in that Wentz showing confidence in his receivers is a sign of leadership. The sophomore quarterback is taking that next step by putting in the extra work with his guys as much as he can.

Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is open with the CB position

As a result of poor cornerback play, the Eagles drafted CB Sidney Jones in the second round and CB Rasul Douglas in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Because of opposing receivers in the division toying with Eagles’ cornerbacks in games, it’s safe to say it probably cost them games in the regular season. Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz is going to have his hands full. Training camp starts in late July and therefore, there will be questions and answers will have to be provided.

Coach Pederson talks Blount

First, Tim McManus asked coach Pederson about his early impressions of the former Oregon product since his arrival. He also inquired as to whether or not he’s finally learned anything noteworthy about him. Coach Pederson raved about Blount and how Blount is eager to learn the offense and he’s fitting in nicely. Coach Pederson called him a “class act” and calls him a “great addition” to the team.

The Take

Eagles fans have to be optimistic and hopeful about what coach Pederson has said about his players. Coach Pederson praised quarterback Carson Wentz’s display of hard work and leadership. In conclusion, what is most concerning is how the defense’s Achilles’ heel has almost not changed. Until the preseason, some questions will not be answered.

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