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Joe Mixon will be a Great NFL Player

Joe Mixon will be a Great NFL Player Allen Kee / ESPN Images

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Joe Mixon

Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon is the most controversial person in the 2017 NFL draft class.  On the field, he’s a potential superstar.  Off the field, though, Mixon has made mistakes that have led some people to label him as undraftable.

On the Field

If you don’t know how much I like Mixon on the field, you can see my running back rankings here. Spoiler alert: Mixon is my top running back.  I think most people agree that Mixon’s on-field ability is top 3 in the class.  What sets him apart for me is his well-roundedness.

Joe Mixon is a great balance of size, speed, strength, and agility.  He has great vision and balance and is also a dangerous weapon in the passing game.  If you like Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson (and I’m sure you do), you will also like Mixon.

Mixon might be the only truly scheme-versatile back.  He has tremendous burst and can truck people with ease.  He runs with physicality between the tackles and also has breakaway speed.

At Oklahoma, Mixon also was utilized as a wide receiver and slot receiver.  He is a very good route runner and has reliable hands.  Upon catching the ball, he shows his upfield burst and maximizes yards after the catch.

If you haven’t noticed, I love Mixon.

Off the Field

Everyone has heard of Mixon’s off the field issues at this point.  The video that was released of him physically assaulting a woman was brutal.  There are also reports of at least two other instances in which his anger got the best of him.  While it’s unpopular to voice such an opinion, I believe Mixon deserves another chance.

The most noteworthy story that has come out is the aforementioned assault when Mixon was 17 years old. The lesser known stories include an incident during high school where he reportedly punched another girl and an incident with a parking attendant.

I don’t believe any of these are isolated incidents.  Whichever team drafts Mixon needs to put him in an anger management program.  Mixon is going to have to work hard to keep his anger under wraps going forward.

Many people believe that Mixon shouldn’t be allowed to play in the NFL at all.  Some people would even say he should be in prison.

I don’t think any of this should be the case.  While he clearly has anger management issues, Mixon has kept his nose relatively clean. He has also shown a lot of regret for his previous actions.  I think he was a kid who made a mistake and deserves another chance.


In conclusion, I think we should cut Mixon some slack.  While it may seem I am only saying this because of his on-field talent, I am not.  I truly believe that Mixon would deserve a second chance no matter who he was.

The teams that pass on Mixon will regret it.  He is extremely talented and will be a perennial All-Pro running back in the NFL.