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Scouting Report: Mitchell Trubisky

Trubisky Erin Hooley / Chicago Tribune


NFL Scouting

Mitchell Trubisky Scouting Report

In the 2017 NFL Draft the Chicago Bears surprised the draft world, when they traded up one spot with the San Francisco 49ers to select North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. The trade was a panic move by the front office mainly because there were no indications that any other teams were going to move up to select Trubisky before the Bears original pick at number three.

The move left many wondering if Trubisky could be the quarterback of the future for the Bears. After sitting for most of his career in Chapel Hill, Trubisky got his chance to start in 2016 and he impressed. He threw for over 3,700 yards and 30 touchdowns against six interceptions, ranking fifth in the country with a 68% completion percentage.

Trubisky declared for the draft shortly after his breakout junior season and questions immediately began to surface. The main one being why was he on the bench for so long? We can’t ignore that he was unable to beat current NFL free agent Marquise Williams for the starting job in North Carolina. However, we also have to look at what really matters and that is the game tape. In this article, we’ll profile Trubisky to determine if he can be a legitimate quarterback in the league or another talented passer who was a product of scheme and timing.


Has good height and weight for his frame that can withstand damage. He’s a pocket quarterback at heart with above average running ability. He can stand in the pocket and make a good throws while dealing with pressure. Goes through progressions and reads well. Can escape from the pocket but keeps eyes downfield looking to throw. Good decision maker, will not force many throws. Takes shots down the field and has the touch to put the ball directly in the receiver’s pocket. Footwork is great, moves well enough to evade head on rushers. Throwing mechanics are solid but with good coaching can become great. Can whip a throw into tight windows or gently drop a ball over the top of the defense. Gets better as the game goes on, will not be fazed by high pressure game situations.


Did not work from under center much at North Carolina. Most throws came out of the shotgun so he’ll need to adjust to an NFL system and playbook. Has a tendency to drop balls to receivers in tight windows, instead of throwing a strike.  Pocket awareness will be the biggest detriment to his game. At times, will not feel the pass rush if not directly in front of him. Very rarely steps up in the pocket to avoid the rush and make a throw. One year starter who was the backup for a below average quarterback.

Final Verdict

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Trubisky showed enough traits in his final season, to warrant becoming the first quarterback selected in the draft. As the season progressed so did he. Each game Trubisky showed improvement in at least one area, which bodes well for his NFL outlook.

The Bears do not have the type of team to introduce a rookie quarterback into.  The team gave Mike Glennon a three year 45-million dollar contract this off season to be their bridge quarterback. Glennon’s presence gives Trubisky time to progress and develop the necessary skills to start. A redshirt year to become acclimated to offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains’ system will be best for Trubisky.

If given a year to hone his abilities, Trubisky projects to be a starting caliber quarterback in this league. The potential floor is low for him, we’re talking a Geno Smith type of low. If Trubisky cannot learn to feel pressure from edge rushers he’ll have a rough time in the league. However, the ceiling is through the roof as his accuracy and mobility will lead to problems for any defense. Throw in his leadership and ability to perform in game deciding moments and you have a very capable quarterback prospect.

Overall the team trading up to draft Trubisky is what rubbed fans the wrong way. Throw in the success of the 49ers draft and the burn is real for Bears fans. However, fans can put off the boos for now as Trubisky has all the tools necessary to be a great quarterback. Time will be the ultimate deciding factor so until then give the kid a chance.