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Boston Bruins defense-man undergoes heart surgery



Boston Bruin, Charlie McAvoy, had an abnormal heart rhythm. The defense-man underwent a procedure at Massachusetts General Hospital on Monday. The Boston’s team internist, Dr. David Finn issued a statement Monday after the surgery. He stated that McAvoy was going to me monitored overnight at the hospital. In addition, the statement stated that the resulting recovery time would be two weeks.

The Defense-man’s Initial Symptoms

Charlie McAvoy first reported experiencing the palpitations after their game on Nov 26 against the Edmonton Oilers. Consequently after the game he underwent an evaluation for the symptoms. McAvoy’s diagnosis is a supra-ventricular tachycardia, or SVT. Especially relevant; the type that McAvoy has is not considered to be disastrous to his health, according to Dr. Finn. Furthermore, the SVT can recur at any point in time. A return of symptoms can cause the individual to experience significant symptoms.

McAvoy was cleared to play after the initial diagnosis, up through their game against the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday. He was closely monitored by the Bruins’ medical team.

In conclusion, Charlie McAvoy decided to undergo surgery, called an ablation, to treat his SVT. McAvoy came to this decision due to the high probability of the reoccurring symptoms. The procedure consists of creating scar tissue inside the heart where the irregular heartbeat originates.

Is the Bruins’ future at stake?

McAvoy has been surpassing all expectations set for him. Therefore, it is safe to say that the rookie is one of the reasons the Boston Bruins have been on a winning streak. Some can even argue that he is the main reason. Currently, the Boston Bruins have the second highest amount of goals in the Eastern Conference. Ultimately, no team is the same can function at the same level without all it’s members. The Boston Bruins just have to work together and maintain their streak until McAvoy’s return. Hopefully he has a fast and healthy recovery from his surgery.

The Teams First Test

With McAvoy being out at least 2 weeks, or more, the Bruins have to learn to carry on without the rookie. This Tuesday was their first game without Charlie. The Bruins won the game against the New Jersey Devils. They won 3-2.  As a result, they extended their point streak to 17 games. According to the team’s schedule, it seems like McAvoy may be missing as many as 5 more games. So far the team is holding up without McAvoy. The question is, for how long?

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