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Charlie McAvoy surpasses every other NHL rookie

Charlie McAvoy


Just days before turning twenty, Charlie McAvoy gifted himself a Gordie Howe hat trick during the Bruins’ game vs the Columbus Blue Jackets earlier this week. The rookie scored his fifth NHL goal during the same game. Additionally, he assisted Heinen in his goal during the third period against the Blue Jackets.

McAvoy’s first fisticuffs

During a prior game, Jake DeBrusk skated over to the protect the rookie during a game. However, this time McAvoy showed the world that he’s capable of taking care of himself out on the ice. He did so in during the third period of their eventual 7-2 win this past Monday night.

The fight broke out between Charlie McAvoy and Pierre-Luc Dubois. The forward for the Blue Jackets went after McAvoy after Charlie body checked Luc-Dubois along the boards. The pair dropped their gloves and took out their anger out on the ice; McAvoy taking several punches before hitting Luc-Dubois back and bringing him down onto the ice.

“There’s been times along the line this year where something that might have happened, but tonight it just did,” stated Charlie
McAvoy during an interview after the game. “It happened really quick, and I felt like I was able to protect myself pretty well.”

Charlie McAvoy’s career thus far

McAvoy has wasted no time since joining the Bruins to surpass everyone’s expectations of him. The rookie scored his first career goal on the opening night. More impressively, he averages over twenty minutes on the ice each game. He has the second highest average for time on the ice, right behind Zdeno Chara (23:32), with 23:18.

Charlie McAvoy turning twenty only spells out bad news for everyone else on the NHL; knowing that they could be playing against the rookie for another 15-20 years. 

Catch McAvoy and the Bruins on Saturday, Dec. 23 where they will host the Detroit Red Wings for a day game. Puck drop will happen at 1 pm. EST.