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Sens, Alex Burrows suspended for 10 games

Photo by Scott Paterson


Ottawa Senators forward, Alex Burrows, received a suspension of 10 games. This comes after serving as an aggressor and kneeing the New Jersey Devils forward Taylor Hall. Burrows was penalized during the Senators vs. Devils game on Feb. 6. The player cross-checked and attempted to fight Hall.

The calm before the storm

It all started when Burrows picked up a rebound in the Sens zone. Coming over from the neutral zone, Hall checks Burrows. Resulting in both players falling onto the ice. Immediately, Burrows picks himself off the ice and chases after Hall to try and get the two into an altercation. Then, Burrows slashes and shoves Hall, all while Hall is trying to ignore Burrows; focusing on the Devils’ offensive attack.

What a whistle

A referee blows the whistle and immediately Burrows goes to complain to the official. Meanwhile, another Senator was engaging with Hall. After seeing Hall skate away from the minor altercation with his teammate, Burrows skates over to Hall.

Sticks down, gloves on

Once the two are next to each other on the ice, Burrows drops his stick. The forward begins to swing his fists, aiming at Hall. Not soon after, Burrows takes Hall down onto the ice in a head lock. On the ice, Burrows has the Devils forward pinned underneath his body. Then, Burrows proceeds to punch hall in the back of the head multiple times. Hall attempts to protect himself but has little success, due to his limited range of movement. Here, linesman intervene, yet they are unable to restrain both forwards.

Having his arms restrained did not stop the Burrows forward from further attacking Hall. He proceeds to forcefully drive his knee into the back of Halls head, twice.

Why, Burrows? 

It seems as though Burrows acted the way he did on the ice, due to being frustrated after receiving a body check from Hall. Cross-checking, slashing and pestering did not affect Hall’s game, as he kept his temper in line, ignoring Burrows. This only further aggravated Burrows. No matter what Hall did or didn’t do in Alex Burrow’s mind, what happened on the ice was not justifiable.

Under the terms of Collective Bargaining Agreement, Burrows will be forfeiting $134,408.60 to the Players’ Emergency Fund in addition to his 10 game suspension.