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Flyers’ inconsistency menacing playoff hopes

Fliyers Photo by CaniacCaz


With the Metropolitan Division extremely close, there is no room for inconsistency. The Philadelphia Flyers have been a mix bag, showing both great potential and a team headed for disaster. The defense is young and there are still doubts over a first line center. The playoffs are closer than they seem and with more teams in contention than usual, it could be a difficult couple of months for the Flyers. It is going to be a long, grueling stretch. The Flyers have to ditch their inconsistent ways if they have any hope of competing with emerging playoff locks.

Season Trends

The city of Philadelphia is most likely consumed with the upcoming Super Bowl, but it won’t be long until the full focus turns to the Flyers. When that happens, Philly fans will be expecting a lot, as they usually do.

The Flyers are very similar to the Boston Bruins, both of whom use their young players sparingly. However, the Bruins have played a more steady game and have proven it would be a surprise to see them out of the playoffs. You can’t say the same about Philly.

Here is some proof of their inconsistency:

Nov. 11-Dec. 2: (0-5-5)

Dec. 4- Dec. 16: (5-0-1)

Jan. 2- Jan. 25: (5-3-3)

Winning streaks are hard to come by, but since suffering a 10-game losing streak, the Flyers have followed it up with three win streaks of four or more. This may be a good sign, but it’s most likely proof of their ongoing struggle with inconsistency.

Trade Deadline

The NHL Trade Deadline is less than a month away and it could be very interesting. The Flyers will be one of the many teams deciding to buy or sell, but their recent play suggests they will probably be spending.

The Flyers have not been a goaltending powerhouse for some time, but Brian Elliott been somewhat consistent. However, with a guy like Carey Price possibly on the trade block, you would think the Flyers would at least look into acquiring a better goaltender.

Elliott for most of his career has had to fight to keep his starting job. Most successful playoff teams can’t say they had a goaltender like this. It is uncommon to see a starting goaltender be traded, and Carey Price is a long shot. But the Flyers can take their chances considering Elliott is 32 and still yet to prove his elite status.

The playoffs are a different animal when it comes to goaltending. Marc-André Fleury, who has been one of the league’s best goalies this year, essentially lost his job in Pittsburgh because of his playoff performances. Philly has to at least consider that Elliott will struggle in an Eastern Conference playoffs filled with sharpshooters.

The Flyers in general have a good amount of holes that need to be addressed. In addition to possibly adding a goaltender, the Flyers need to look for a 7th defenseman and a depth center. Nolan Patrick has not quite developed yet and he’s currently on the second line and if one of their limited veteran defenseman is injured it would certainly cause problems.

Playoff Prediction

It is really hard to predict the Flyers’ future, let alone any team in Metropolitan Division. Every team is within just around 10 points of the leading Washington Capitals, with every day looking different.

Though it seems unlikely for the Flyers to make the playoffs, every team is inconsistent to a certain point. But it is really hard to see Philly pulling through with such an unpredictable roster.

Five teams from the Metropolitan Division will likely make the playoffs, leaving three on the outside looking in. The Rangers seem to always find a way to squeak in and will likely do it again despite recent poor play. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hurricanes, Islanders and Flyers are the ones snubbed in April.

However, if the Flyers can defeat their inconsistent ways, the playoffs are certainly still within their reach. Yet, there is no room for mistakes in the Metropolitan and one more disastrous streak could easily end their hopes.