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Fleury returns to Pittsburgh

Marc Andre Fleury


Marc-Andre Fleury and Penguins fans experienced an emotional night on Feb. 6. The former Penguins’ goalie returned to the ice at PPG Paints Arena for first time since the draft and all had tears in their eyes.

During the first TV timeout of the game, a tribute video lit up the scoreboard, showing the work that “Flower” put in over his 13 seasons with the franchise. Following the video, a single message shined on the screen: “Thank you, Marc-Andre.”

Fleury stood on the ice, fighting back the tears brought from the love and support of Pittsburgh fans. But it did not end after the video.

As he skated back to the goalie crease, fans continued to clap, cheer and chant his name.

“I was happy I had a mask on,” Fleury said in an interview.

That was not the only way Pittsburgh welcomed Fleury back during the game.

That morning, Mario Lemieux and members of the Pittsburgh Penguins staff awarded Fleury with his 2017 Stanley Cup Championship ring. This marked the third of his career, which all happened during his 13 seasons with the Penguins.

Not only were the fans enjoying the time back with Fleury, but current Penguins players took in all the moments they could with their former teammate.

Phil Kessel had a playful exchange with him as they passed each other in the office that morning.

Fans saw Matt Murray and Fleury before the game having a friendly conversation, then heading to their respective ends of the ice. He sent Murray away with a pat on his goalie pads.

But those two were not the only one to get in on the action. Following warm-up, Kris Letang took a friendly shot on his former goalie, which he sent away with ease.

And the rest of the team, well, they all had their moments and showed their gratitude to the player who gave so much to the team and Pittsburgh.