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Mike Babcock Guiding Leafs Out Of Team Rebuild

Mike Babcock Photo credit to dan mannes via Flickr


Mike Babcock guiding Leafs out of team rebuild

With the 2017-2018 season well underway, there are several different story-lines to pay attention to. From the Las Vegas Golden Knights to the underwhelming New York Rangers, there have been many surprises. Throughout the year there have been ups and downs but there is a surging story coming to the forefront of the NHL for yet another time. The Toronto Maple Leafs have jumped back into the spotlight of the NHL through a significant team rebuild after dismal years. They have retooled their roster and their coaching staff since then.

2013 Failure

The shortened 2012-2013 season brought many different playoff stories. Ultimately the Chicago Blackhawks were victorious in the Final, however there was a big story surrounding the Maple Leafs’ collapse. They were minutes away from securing a victory and moving on in the playoffs against the eventual Eastern Conference champion Bruins. However after a comeback was mounted, the Leafs slowly saw their victory slip out of their grip. After this failure, the team was in complete despair. The next few seasons saw misses from playoffs and harsh fan criticism. The loss in the playoffs haunted the team for years.

Team Rebuild

With many draft picks, personnel changes, and trades the Toronto Maple Leafs have launched themselves back into contention after several disappointing years. The biggest addition at any level–office staff, player, etc.– is legendary coach Mike Babcock. Throughout his years as the Detroit Red Wings’ coach, Babcock only saw success. He was instrumental in continuing the historic playoff run for the Original Six team. Regardless of the players on the team, the leadership and experience as a coach were always present. The Manitouwadge, Canada native has coached Olympic national teams to many medals as well. Without a doubt, Babcock is a legend among coaches in the NHL.


Toronto was the perfect fit for Babcock. The Maple Leafs realized the success they were seeking would be possible through a team rebuild. Through draft picks such as Auston Matthews, and trades from the lineup like Phil Kessel, the Maple Leafs have soared back into the playoff spotlight. Mike Babcock has provided astounding leadership and transformed a bottom-tier embarrassment into a 90-100 point team.