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Miracle against…OAR?

United States of America olympics Photo by YazanMRihan


The USA has big Olympics chance on Feb. 17.

Throughout the years of the Winter Olympics, there has been a continuing rivalry between the United States of America and Russia. This intense relationship has found its place in many different sports, most notably ice hockey. Many remember the “Miracle On Ice” back in the 1980 Olympics where the United States defeated the USSR. This one win over the heavily favored Russians provided a basis to a strong competition throughout the following years.

Now in 2018, the rivalry has a chance to renew itself on the morning of Feb. 17. With the United States and Russia in the same grouping, they must face each other with a pass to the quarterfinals on the line. Both teams are getting off hot games. The United States won on Feb. 15 against Slovakia 2-1 which has boosted their confidence. Russia has been prohibited from convening a team under the Russian flag for this Olympics due to drug scandals among athletes. Due to these regulations, the athletes from Russia are competing under the name “Olympic Athletes from Russia”. Both teams have won a game and lost a game which means there is pressure on both for this game.

Feb. 17 at 7 am EST brings the awaited match-up of these two teams to the table. As this game is just hours away, there is much hype as usual. The last notable pairing of the two came in Sochi in 2014, where T.J. Oshie got the famous nickname “TJ Sochi” after winning a thrilling shootout against Russia.


With all the games and rich history in mind, look for Saturday’s game to be a physical, competitive one with lots of action. Pay special attention to Captain America and former Buffalo Sabre, Brian Gionta, to provide good leadership to a largely unknown lineup.