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Sabres’ Kane troubled; trade deadline approaches

Evander Kane


The Buffalo Sabres have failed to meet expectations… again. The frustration seemed to hit its peak Wednesday as forward, Evander Kane and defensemen, Justin Falk, were involved in a scrum during the team’s morning practice. This is not the first time we have heard of Kane having attitude problems, so this could very well be the breaking point for Buffalo and Kane.

Kane’s Poor Attitude

Evander Kane has surely had his fair share of criticism. Like all talented hockey players struggle with, one poor mistake can cost a media outrage. But for Kane, it has been a long sequence of mishaps, especially during his time in Winnipeg.

In fact, this seems to be the first situation in Buffalo in which Kane’s attitude will again spur criticism and it could not have come at a more terrible time. The Sabres are currently last in the Atlantic Division with only 29 points (10-24-9).

Although, however, it does appear some of Kane’s teammates are already aware of his ongoing attitude issues. Most specifically Falk, who was seen yelling at Kane during Wednesday’s practice.

It is important to remember that some players are poorly painted by the media, specifically in demanding hockey markets. Buffalo isn’t the biggest city but it does have a huge following of continually frustrated fans.

Phil Kessel is a name that comes to mind. In Toronto, Kessel was “The Guy” which carried a heavy load of criticism. Kessel was made out to be a talented hockey player with a poor attitude and a diminishing work ethic. In reality, he was loved by all of his teammates. Now that he no longer carries the superstar burden in Pittsburgh, he has been lethal.

Kane may have a similar situation. He is second in Sabres’ scoring, trailing only Jack Eichel and he was similarly “The Guy” in Winnipeg. There may simply be too much pressure building on him, not only from fans, but from the approaching trade deadline. He could find himself putting on a different jersey quite soon and that is no easy task.

Imminent Trade?

Evander Kane already knows what it’s like to be traded. Before the 2015 trade deadline, Kane and Zach Bogosian were shipped from Winnipeg to Buffalo in a deal that ended the Jets’ ongoing distrust in Kane’s personality and work ethic.

Three years later, it seems as if the Sabres are weighing options to part with Kane.

Teams could certainly use a proven player like Kane, but the package that comes with it may be unattractive to many cup contenders. With the Penguins, Blues, Sharks and Kings all rumored to be in search of adding a winger, do not be surprise if Kane is moved.

Wednesday’s altercation may not be the ultimate reason for Kane’s departure, but it did not help his case for staying put in Buffalo.