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Swedish captain tosses medal to fan after loss

Lias Andersson


During the U20 World Junior Championship final in Buffalo New York, the Swedish Captain Lias Andersson threw his silver medal into the crowd after losing to Canada, 3-1.

After doing so, a lot of people seemed upset by the captains actions on social media while others agreed with them. Was Andersson right, or wrong by doing so?

What were you thinking, Lias Andersson?

Many hockey players dream of being able to play in the World Junior championship. It is considered to be an opportunity of a lifetime. Tossing his medal into the stands after getting the chance to do what so many dream off can come off as immature. It can make Andersson seem like a poor sport.

Not everyone can be the best and ultimately Canada won the championships fairly.

If you are not first, you are last, Andersson

Tossing the medal into the crowd lets the world know a few things about the Swedish captain. He is not a fan of losing, does not want a participation trophy and plays exclusively to win.

Lias Andersson is the seventh overall 2017 NHL draft pick by the New York Rangers. Throwing the medal into the stands shows the New York Rangers that this prospect is determined to win; not willing to settle for anything else.

Emotions in Sports?

Ultimately, Andersson is a human with emotions. No one else but his teammates can truly understand what he was feeling in that moment. Just minutes prior he had fallen short to what was the biggest hockey moment of his life thus far. No one should be judging him harshly, or at all. No one judging the Swedish captain has been putting in the work; training and practicing. Nor have they been competing and losing games despite all their hard work. Athletes are often put in situations that they simply can’t win when it comes to their emotions.

On one end I am sure that Andresson is happy to have been given the opportunity to play in the Junior World Championships. On the other hand, he is frustrated that he couldn’t lead his team to victory. At least he got his medal back in the end.