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Top three remarkable trade deadline targets

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Trade Deadline

Throughout every season in the NHL, there are teams which fall to the bottom of the standings. They reach a point where they decide to become “sellers” before the trade deadline. The trade deadline is on Feb. 26, 2018 this season, and some serious rumors have been thrown around. Three players in the NHL seem to stand out as the best candidates for teams to trade with their position as “sellers” or undeclared.

Claude Giroux

Claude Giroux photo

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After much talk this summer regarding a potential trade for the Philadelphia Flyers, nothing came to fruition. This season has been a bumpy ride for the Flyers. They have achieved both a 10-game losing streak and a six-game winning streak in close succession. Now, as we near the All-Star Break, the “Broad Street Bullies” sit six points out of the second wild card spot. The past five seasons have not been kind to the Flyers however. They have failed to make it past the first round of the playoffs in this time. Out of the five seasons– they have only qualified for the postseason twice. A retooling of the roster might be wise for this Eastern Conference team as it is looking to find its identity still in this season alone.

The captain, Claude Giroux had generated a lot of buzz this past offseason as the Flyers publicly recognized that they would hear offers. With 617 points in 692 games, Giroux is a well-documented scorer. He provides good leadership to a team which would be in need of an offensive forward. He has had very good seasons recently in terms of offensive scoring, so age has not seemed to have an effect on him. Throughout this current season he is excelling with 42 points in 39 games (13G-29A). Any contender would be well-suited to add him to their cup run.

Richard Panik

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The Chicago Blackhawks are turning out to be one of the league’s disappointments for the 2017-2018 season. With a strong season in the books last year, they floundered in the first round against Nashville. The season before that, they had an early exit as well against their rival, the St. Louis Blues.  This past offseason, there was much retooling in the front office of the Blackhawks. New coaching and management was brought in to try and solve the problem of limited playoff success this season. This has not exactly panned out however.

Richard Panik being moved might be what the ‘Hawks need to try and right the ship. Overall, the young forward is not a flashy scorer. Last season he only put up 44 points, but the improvement from the season before that where he only registered eight might be something. He has the poise of a veteran which might be what some contending teams are looking to add. A skilled, and strong forward; look for the Hawks to potentially move this player.

Erik Karlsson

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Yes, its true. The captain of the Ottawa Senators is potentially on the trading block. So far, this season has been a disaster for Ottawa, and it is almost past being salvageable. There was much promise for this small-market team last year as they were only one goal away from offing the defending champs. However, we all know how the rest of the postseason went. The Sens were sent packing and this season looks like a black-and-white contrast to last year. Everything has been out of sorts, and a retooling is almost essential.

Karlsson is regarded as one of the best players in the game today. His poise and scoring ability as a defenseman is unrivaled. He has 479 points in 586 games in his career which are incredible numbers for a defensive player. He currently has 23 points in 30 games this season as it was started late due to foot injuries. There is no higher prospect on the trade market currently than Karlsson, and there are many suitors who are lining up daily for him. Look for some type of move to be made before the deadline comes.