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Turris is the X-Factor the Predators needed

Kyle Turris, Nashville Predators Photo by stephenyeargin  


Kyle Turris

Throughout the year so far, we have seen a few large trades grace the NHL. Only one blockbuster trade seemed to have an immediate impact for one team. That team is the Nashville Predators, and the player in question is Kyle Turris. The trade involved a few different players including the much-hyped Matt Duchene going to the Senators. However, Turris and the Predators have established themselves as the clear winners in the deal and have taken off


Ever since being drafted by the Arizona (then Phoenix) Coyotes in the 2007 draft, 3rd overall; Turris hasn’t had a spectacular career. There have been stretches of games where he has been hot and stretches where he has been cold. In his career so far, he holds a stat line of 558 GP, 333 P (139 G – 194 A), 5+/-. Overall, not anything very noticeable. He has been mostly a role-player for the start of his career and a lower-tier center-man. Lately though he has been a much-coveted center while on the  Ottawa Senators. He has put up solid numbers and eclipsed the 50-point marks several times while on the Sens. Because of this usefulness and high level of play, he was thrown into the trade mix to help entice teams at the start of the season.

Current Play

Once he had been incorporated into the Predator’s offense, Turris has taken off. The skilled forward has put everything he has into the team and it has paid off. Nashville was looking for a spark to their team and they seem to have found it. The New Westminster, BC native has pushed the Preds to a very hot streak

So far this season, Kyle Turris has 13 points in 14 games with Nashville and that is not all he has produced. In the 14 games he has played with the Nashville Predators, Turris has helped them along to a 10-2-2 record. A lot of critics and specialists alike attribute his play to the reason for the team’s success. He has 3 goals and 10 assists which have helped him to his 13 points with the Predators.

All in all, Kyle Turris has been the catalyst for the streak the Predators are riding currently. The team is firing on all cylinders and has shown themselves to be legitimate Cup contenders once again. Turris’ value will be put to the test as the team hits the middle of the season, but expect similar production as he has been giving. He has fit in nicely with the offense.