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Hope Solo Sues US Soccer

Hope Solo Sues US Soccer Photo cred to Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá via Flickr

US Soccer

Former USWNT International and US Soccer Presidential Candidate Hope Solo sues US Soccer

Hope Solo submitted a complaint to the U.S. Olympic Committee alleging that the federation violated the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act.

The former goalkeeper accuses the soccer governing body of neglecting youth soccer development for the sake of self-serving financial gain. Solo also indicates the federation is failing to “develop interest and participation” and that if favors the Major League Soccer over the amateur game. This is the reason that the amateur level is not growing int he country.

She also adds that the federation has made the game “inaccessible” and “affordable. Also stating “In today’s system, I would have been missed. I would not have had the opportunity to pursue my dreams.”. The 36-year-old also indicates that having SUM president Kathy Carter as US Soccer president would be like passing the torch to one of its own.

Solo has been nothing but filled with controversy throughout her career and after. Her latest transgression occurred last December when she called the Swedish national team “a bunch of cowards” at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

While the complaint may result in nothing changing legally, it shows that Solo isn’t afraid of attacking the big federation.