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Neymar: The Transfer That Throws Football Into The Abyss

Neymar transfers to PSG


Neymar has signed for PSG for €220 million euro. And it’s a transfer that means a lot more to football than meets the eye.

Neymar and PSG have now begun a new relationship in football, one that could be thought to be the changing moment for football.

I am pretty sure next summer some players with only half his quality will cost the same money.”

This is a direct quote from the manager who broke the transfer record last year, Jose Mourinho. In August last year, Paul Pogba signed for Manchester United for £89 million. A year on, and the transfer record has been doubled. Pogba’s fee now looks frail in comparison with Neymar. It is sign of where the game is going.

Money is king.

This season alone, the transfer record for every position but midfield has been broken. Ederson broke the goalkeeping transfer record previously held by Gianluigi Buffon with his €35 million move to Man City. Man City again broke a positional record with the signing of Kyle Walker for €50 million. Let’s put that into perspective. Buffon in his prime back in the day went for €33 million, one of the greatest keepers of a generation. And now an unknown from Benfica is worth more than him? Madness. Money rules overall in football now. The passion is gone. The love for a once beautiful game has been replaced by dollar signs and Lamborghinis.

The game for what we love it for is gone.

Roy Keane smashing Patrick Vieira in the first 5 minutes of a United vs Arsenal game. Tunnel bust ups. A red faced Alex Ferguson holding back pure anger on the touchline. The clatter of Steven Gerrard hunting a player down in a Merseyside derby, all gone. And why? Money. A player can have a horrible season, and still walk away with €20 million to his name. As a club legend I hate to use him as an example, but Wayne Rooney has been atrocious since 2014, and has accumulated over £10 million in that time. Players play for the money in their account,not the badge on their shirt. The feeling of scoring a goal obviously doesn’t beat the feeling of buying a Ferrari. The game is dying bit by bit. Our beautiful game is not so beautiful anymore.

Can it be stopped?

That remains to be seen. Television companies like Sky Sports will pray it doesn’t, their money has also been a large part of the games downward spiral. As purists of football we can only hope the game returns to it’s natural flow. Premier League clubs can take a look at the passion at schoolboy level. 17 and 18 year old kids with nothing to play for only their pride. The kick of a ball on a Sunday is all they live for, and once they’re on that pitch they leave everything they’ve got on it. If only the modern day footballer done the same.