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Is Jurgen Klopp The Right Man For The Job?

Jurgen Klopp Photo credit to arif_shamim via Flickr

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Is Jurgen Klopp The Right Man For The Job?

When Jurgen Klopp arrived at Liverpool from Dortmund, there was mass rejoice among fans. A world-class manager was on his way to the Kop. After an array of disappointing managers, here was a well renowned one. The man to bring the club back to where they belong.

Has he done that?

Jurgen Klopp has brought no success to Liverpool football club. He has got to finals yes, but he has never went over that line. He has not won one trophy at Liverpool. And the fact they have qualified for the Champions League is his only saving grace. Let’s take a look at Klopp’s first 73 games in charge against previous manager Brendan Rodgers. Klopp has won 37 of his first 73 games in charge of Livepool. Rodgers won 43 of his first 73 games. Rodgers also qualified for the Champions League. Liverpool have scored 142 goals in the league since Klopp took charge. During Rodgers reign they scored 167, in the same amount of games. Klopp amassed 132 points in his first 73 games in charge of Liverpool. Rodgers betters that with 141.

Let’s take a look at the record in all competitions. Here’s a record of both managers first 106 games in charge of Liverpool.

As seen above Rodgers won more games than Klopp did in his first 106 games in charge. Liverpool scored more goals and overall Rodgers had a higher win percentage then Klopp. These stats lead me to a large question.

Why is Klopp still in charge?

Why if, after this record Rodgers was sacked, and Jurgen Klopp hasn’t been? Liverpool qualified for the Champions League respectably, but so did Rodgers? Klopp hasn’t won a trophy, something he was brought in to do. Everyone at Liverpool keeps saying Klopp is a transforming period for the club. They have never won the Premier League. They haven’t won a trophy in 5 years. Klopp has lost 2 cup finals at Liverpool. 5 of his last 5 cup finals. One league trophy to his name under Dortmund. Rodgers brought Liverpool closer to winning the Premier League than any Liverpool manager before him, lost Suarez and was sacked.

Another thing Klopp has to be called out for, where is the smart business in the transfer window? Liverpools defence is one of the worst in the league, yet Klopp spends €40 million on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Shocking, yet their defence keeps costing them this season. Klopp is still in charge because of his personality. Klopps win percentage is even worse than David Moyes, yet because he’s funny and shows passion he’s been kept in charge of Liverpool. He has no Plan B. Jamie Carragher highlighted this last year. 

It remains to be seen whether Klopp will turn it around, but for now the jury is most definitely out on the German.