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Premier League Prediction Table 2017-18, Top 4 and Bottom 3

Premier League

Premier League

Football season is fastly approaching, it’s been two months since we’ve seen the ripple of a net at Old Trafford. The clatter of a tackle at Stamford Bridge. The dive of a player at Anfield (joke). 

It’s returning, and what better way to lead up to it then a Premier League Prediction Table.

1- Chelsea.

The London natives are again a strong force this season. I can’t see anyone other than Chelsea taking the title. The signing of Bakayoko has added a new dimension of strength in midfield. Morata will replace the out going Diego Costa, and Conte can only improve on last season.

2-Man City.

The noisy neighbours have strengthened what held them back last season. Their defence. The signings of Kyle Walker, Mendy, Danilo and Ederson have now made City ready-made challengers. Not to mention Bernardo Silva at the other end.

3- Manchester United

I believe this is the season United return to the top-tier of teams in English football. The signing of Lukaku will only bring goals. Their defence has been improved by a man who has actually had a bad pre-season, but if given time to adapt will be exceptional in Lindelof. And news has just broke that Nemanja Matic is close to a deal for United. Good things to come from Jose’s men this year.

4- Spurs

I believe Spurs will finish in the top four but will not be good enough to challenge next season. The loss of Kyle Walker will hurt them, as well as their failure to sign a new player this season. Despite not becoming stronger, they are still stronger than Liverpool and Arsenal, who I do not see making the top 4. Unless Liverpool sign Virgil Van Dijk.

Bottom 3

Of course the battle for the top 4 is the most interesting thing in the Premier League, but the struggles of the bottom half teams is sometimes the show stealer. Who do I see in the bottom three this season?

18- Swansea

Just not strong enough in my opinion. Clement done well to keep them up last season. But Sigurdsson is on his way out of the club. The loss of him plus no real signings of any purpose means Swansea are under real threat this season. The days of Jonathan De Guzman sending the Swans wild are gone, replaced by hardship and struggle.

19th- Brighton

What goes up must come down. I don’t think Brighton are strong enough for the Premier League. Despite they’re startling season in the Championship neither them nor Huddersfield are on the level of the other team promoted, Newcastle. I see Brighton being relegated right back down, but coming up again in two season stronger than this time around.

20th- Huddersfield

The new boys won’t be staying around for long. And I think for the simple fact they haven’t signed any of notice. When Leicester came up they had absolute quality. Mahrez, Kante and Vardy. Huddersfield don’t have players on this level and nor do Brighton. It will a great experience for the players to have, but I can’t see them lasting more than this season.