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The Inconsistency Of Premier League Referees

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The Inconsistency Of Premier League Referees

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Sadio Mane’s sending off on Saturday against hopeful champions Manchester City sparked outrage. The Senegalese international left his foot high on Ederson. But there is so much more to the challenge then meets the eye. These are just some of the inconsistency of Premier League referees.

Where’s the consistency?

Since the Mane incident, which I felt was correct, there has been two similar. Matt Ritchie left his foot in high on Sunday for Newcastle.

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The incident was similar to Mane’s, with one stark difference. Ritchie was shown a yellow.

The challenges are near identical. Additionally, Mane’s done a lot more damage but the principles are the same. The foot is high, the player is in danger.

Fast forward to Monday night football. West Ham against Huddersfield. The incident has been replicated once again. However, this time by Winston Reid.

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Stamp down on lack of consistency.

That’s what needs to happen, league wide. The referee need to get together themselves and decide what’s right and wrong. Why is Mane’s high foot a red? Why isn’t Matt Ritchies? To clarify my view, I believe Mane deserved to see red. His foot was way too high in the air. Ederson got to the ball first which is key. If a player goes in studs up anywhere on the pitch late its a red card. Sympathy for Mane of course. He was entitled to go for the ball. But the reality is he was late. And late, is not great.

The referees need to clamp down. They need to highlight in which circumstances incidents like this constitute a red card. Clarify why Mane saw red, and why Ritchie or Reid didn’t. Moss was correct, in my opinion. However, I’m sure the opinion will differ from person to person. The only thing that matters is the laws of the game. Endangering an opponent is a red card offense. So was Matt Ritchie not putting Alfie Mawson in danger? A stray boot to the head? Was Winston Reid’s challenge okay? The referee’s need to get together and sort something out. In a weekend where they have taken the headlines, referee’s now need to earn their money. Decisions change games, let’s make sure from now on the right one is made.