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162 Games to Decide a Wild Card spot

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162 Games and it all comes down to this for a Wild Card spot

Being a Major League baseball player is a long a grueling life.  Every year from April until October you play game after game after game to try to propel your team to the postseason.  In fact you play 162 regular season games and rarely get a day off at all.  It’s a year of long road trips, late night games and follow up day games.  It’s a year of trying to put the right pieces together to complete that magical puzzle that will lead to a World Series Championship.

The funny thing about baseball though, is that even after playing so many games, it still often comes down to the final weekend of the season to decide who makes the postseason.  The 2016 season is no different at all.  We now sit with just two games remaining in the regular season and there is still so much left to be decided.

First lets start in the American League.  Going into the final 2 games of the season there is a heated race to decide who gets in and who is going home.  Up until this week there were as many as 5-6 teams that were still alive in the Wild Card race.  Now we see just 4 teams left to battle it out for their spot in the playoffs.

The Baltimore Orioles, Toronto Blue Jays, Detroit Tigers and Seattle Mariners all still have a fighting chance.  At the end of the day on Friday the Baltimore Orioles are holding strong to the first Wild Card spot with a 1 game lead over the Blue Jays and a 1.5 game lead over the Tigers.  The Toronto Blue Jays are clinging to the second Wild Card spot with just a 1/2 game lead over the Tigers and a 1 game lead over the Mariners.  The Orioles will square off against the Yankees for their final two games.  The Tigers are at the Atlanta Braves to wrap up their season.  The Blue Jays are visiting the Red Sox and the Mariners are on the road against the Oakland A’s.

If everything holds true to what the current standings are, the Orioles and the Blue Jays would meet up for a one game playoff to see who can advance on to play the #1 seeded team, Texas Rangers.  However, if any team should begin to struggle this weekend they could see the next team jump past them and grab that spot.


In the National League we see a bit of the same, but only three teams are vying for the National League Wild Card spot.  The New York Mets, San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals are all in a heated race for the postseason.  At the end of Fridays game the New York Mets have at least clinched a tie for a Wild Card spot. The Giants trail the Mets by 1 game and the Card’s are 2 games back of the Mets and just 1 game back of the Giants.  The Mets will finish up their 162 game season by playing the host Philadelphia Phillies’.  The Giants are matched up against the NL West Champion Los Angeles Dodgers and the Cardinals are at home vs division rival Pittsburgh Pirates.

All three of the National League teams are hot right now with the Mets winning their last 3 games while the Giants and Cards have both won their last 2 games.

In the American League race the Orioles are finishing strong by winning their last 3 games and the Tigers and the Mariners join them with 3 straight wins.  The Blue Jays have been struggling and have dropped 3 straight games heading into this final weekend of the 2016 season.

There is still a lot to be decided in both leagues and all across the game of baseball a playoff feel has already begun.  While teams like the Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers, Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox, Washington Nationals have all wrapped up their playoff berths, they still wait to see who their potential opponents might be.

It’s getting exciting folks and this is what is great about MLB baseball.  They play 162 games in a season and it all comes down to the final 2 game to decide who gets a chance to continue their chase towards a World Series title.

The Weekend schedule for these teams is below if you want to follow along and see who gets in.

Mets vs Phillies (Sat. 1:05pm ET and Sun. 3:05pm ET)

Dodgers vs Giants (Sat. 4:05pm ET and Sun. 3:05pm ET)

Pirates vs Cardinals (Sat. 1:05pm ET and Sun. 3:15pm ET)

Orioles vs Yankees (Sat. 4:05pm ET and Sun. 3:05pm ET)

Blue Jays vs Red Sox (Sat. 7:10pm ET and Sun 3:05pm ET)

Tigers vs Braves (Sat. 7:10pm ET and Sun. 3:10pm ET)

Athletics vs Mariners (Sat. 9:10pm ET and Sun 3:10pm ET)