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2016 AFC West Breakdown: Every Team’s Record

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Record Predictions for the AFC West

The AFC West features many different aspects this season. Of course, the defending champs are the main attraction. But, there is real thought that the Chiefs, or even the Raiders could end with the best record. There is also the Chargers. This is a rebuilding squad that features Philip Rivers so there’s always a chance for competition there. When it really comes down to it, people have no idea who they really think is going to take this division in 2016. This is how I see it playing out.

4th Place: San Diego Chargers

Record: 9-7

Yes, 9-7 will land you in the last place spot in this division. As crazy as that sounds, it’s true. The Chargers will be heavily improved this year and their record will show it. It will not show up in the division standings; however, San Diego and their fans should be happy with this record. The past few campaigns have been rough, and this will be the season that turns around and the Chargers end with a positive record. No playoffs for the Bolts though.

3rd Place: Oakland Raiders

Record: 10-6

The Oakland Raiders will live up to their expectations this year and then fall apart at the end. Coming into week 15 I actually have them at 9-4 and then blowing a game to San Diego. That game will open up the wild card to the Chargers and they’ll get it done. That will leave Oakland in a situation where they’ll have to beat the Broncos in week 17 to earn a playoff spot. That won’t happen. The Broncos will also be fighting for the division with Kansas City and will not let the Raiders steal this from them. With all the expectations, the Raiders will be on the outside looking in.

2nd Place: Denver Broncos

Record: 11-5

The defending Super Bowl champions will make the playoffs, but as a Wild Card. This will come all the way down to Week 17. The Broncos will take care of business, but will be denied a division championship. An 11-5 season will be a pretty good outcome considering their quarterback issues, and they’ll find themselves in the playoffs once again.

1st Place: Kansas City Chiefs

Record: 11-5

Yes, this division will come all the way down to the last week AND a tiebreaker. The Chiefs will take care of the Chargers in a “win and you’re in” situation. I think Jamaal Charles will have a huge bounce back year in 2016, and Alex Smith will be proficient as always. This Chiefs defense is also no joke. This team could not only take this division, but make a deep run into the playoffs.

This will without a doubt be the most exciting division in football this year. The champs are part of it. The Chiefs won 10 games in a row to end the regular season in 2015. The Raiders are the most hyped team in the NFL. The Chargers can have a good season any given year. Each team plays another division team in the last week of the year, and they will all have playoff hopes in that week. The Chiefs will come out on top, but the Broncos will still find themselves in the playoffs. The Raiders and Chargers will be watching from home during the playoffs, but they will have at least been a part of the madness.