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2016 Homerun Derby Preview

Rangers Mitch Moreland Matt VanDerMeer via

MLB – Homerun Derby

With The 2016 Homerun Derby Coming Up On Monday, Here Is A Look At The Field

As the All-star game approaches, fans start looking forward to the festivities around the midsummer classic. One of those festivities is the homerun derby. Every year, the games best sluggers gather to mash homers and exchange smack talk for the title of Derby Champion.

Here is this years list of sluggers that will participate in the derby on Monday night.


Todd Frazier- Cincinnati Reds

Giancarlo Stanton- Miami Marlins

Wil Myers- San Diego Padres’

Adam Duvall- Cincinnati Reds

Corey Seager- LA Dodgers

Robinson Cano- Seattle Mariners

Carlos Gonzalez- Colorodo Rockies

Mark Trumbo- Baltimore Orioles


The players are seeded based on the number of homers they have hit so far this season. The matchups look like this.

Number 1 seed Mark Trumbo vs Number 8 seed Corey Seager. The winner of that game faces the winner of Number 4 seed Robinson Cano vs Number 5 Giancarlo Stanton.

On the opposite side of the bracket, Number 3 seed Adam Duvall vs Number 6 seed Wil Myers. The winner of that matchup faces the winner of Number 2 seed Todd Frazier vs Number 7 seed Carlos Gonzalez.

The derby is single elimination which means if you lose you’re out. Each batter has 4 minutes to hit as many homers as possible with time beginning on the release of the first pitch. Each batter is also provided one 45 second time out in the first round and semi-finals. In the finals, each batter is provided two 45 second time outs.

Sluggers will be awarded 30 seconds of bonus time per two homers that each travel farther than 440 feet. If there is a tie, a 60 second “swing-off” will take place. If that is not enough to break the tie, sluggers will take part in successive three-swing “swing-offs” until a winner prevails.

With this good of a collection of sluggers, the 2016 Homerun Derby should prove to be very entertaining.

The derby takes place Monday, July 11th at 8pm eastern.