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2017 MLB Bold Perdictions

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The 2017 campaign drawing nearer and nearer each day. Who know’s what 2017 will bring? All we can do is sit around and make perdictions, with well developed and researched information backing it, as we enter the longest period of the year: one week till Opening Day


Matt Harvey has a comeback year

When Matt Harvey entered the public eye in 2012, it was clear he was going to be the New York Mets ace for a long time. He had everything: the stats, the nickname, the style.

In his rookie year, despite only pitching 59 innings, he still had an amazing performance and is worth noting. What’s also worth noting is his encore, when he beat the sophomore slump. In 2013, Harvey had a 2.27 ERA in 178.1 innings. He also had a remarkable 5.2 WAR. By the end of 2013, if you didn’t know who the Dark Knight of Gotham was in the MLB, you did then as he finished fourth in the running of NL Cy Young.

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Unfortunately, tragedy struck as he tore his UCL requiring Tommy John surgery forcing him to miss the 2014 season.

But the Dark Knight returned delivering a stellar 2015 season, showing no signs of slowing down. In 189 innings, Harvey threw a phenomenal 2.71 ERA along with a 4.3 WAR.

Then tragedy struck again. Fortunately, not as serious as 2014, but his 2016 was cut short by another season ending surgery. This one, though, was his choice. Harvey had a 4.86 ERA before announcing his surgery June 8.

Here we are at the beginning of 2017. Harvey is back from a short season and is looking to get redemption…again. Now, though, the story out of Mets camp is not so much of Harvey’s re-return, but more Tim Tebow got a base hit.

Look for Harvey to have a bounce back season again, and prove, again, that he is apart of the Killer 3 and belongs at the top of that Met rotation: Jacob deGrom Noah Syndergaard and Harvey

Predicted stats: 2.90 to 3.50 ERA with 140-160 innings


Andrew Benintendi finishes 2nd for MVP

Though that war zone of an offseason, the Boston Red Sox seem to be the big winners as they pull away with another ace and manage to hang on to the top prospect in baseball. As the season will progress, the Bo-Sox will realize Andrew Benintendi will suppress the hype

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In 2016, with High A Salem and AA Portland, Benintendi hit a phenomenal .312/.378/.532 batting slash. His performance allowed him to skip AAA ball and go straight to the majors. Some doubted, even feared, this decision, but it paid off. In 105 at-bats, Benintendi had 31 hits – 2 home runs – putting together a nice .295/.359/.476 slash.

As expectations continue to pile on the young 22-year-old’s shoulders, it seems like he can handle it, and then some.

Benintendi will work his way to the heart of that Boston lineup, providing a nice spark to replace the big bat of David Ortiz lost this offseason. Benintendi’s spark will light so bright, that it will forge a path to an All-Star selection and even MVP talks. His numbers will make a strong case, but will finish runner-up to none other than Mike Trout for MVP (Yes, Mike Trout for MVP 2017).

He won’t walk away empty handed, of course. He’ll have a nice Silver Slugger title to go with his eventual AL Rookie of the Year plaque.

Predicted stats: ~.310/~.350/~.450 with 20-30 HR and ~100 RBI


The Pirates trade Mccutchen

At the deadline last season, speculation circulated around Pittsburgh and Andrew Mccutchen’s future with the organization. Many rumors stated the Washington Nationals as a strong pursuing team.

Last season, Mccutchen hit his worst season yet. Even though a .256/.336/.430 slash isn’t too horrible, applying those numbers to a guy at Mccutchen’s caliber, or a guy with the role Mccutchen has, it’s quite disappointing. To go along with the trade rumors at the deadline and the offseason, it’s clear the Pirates are looking for a change, and they’ll pull it off this year.

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It’s unclear who exactly who will be pursuing Mccutchen considering the Nationals gave up a significant portion of their future for Adam Eaton. That itself draws up doubts of a Nats deal. With the outfield consisting of Jayson Werth, Eaton and Bryce Harper left to right, it’s unlikely D.C. is Mccutchen’s destination.

The Pirates right now are in limbo. Not good enough to contend, but not bad enough to tear it all down and start over. Ironically, the only way to get out of this limbo is to either break out the checkbook and pay big bucks for a star or trade away assets.

The safer way to get out of limbo is to trade away assets and not risk paying millions on top of millions for questionable players. Questionable meaning unknowing predicting performance.

I see the Pirates wanting to head down the easier and safer route and trade away assets i.e. Andrew Mccutchen.


The Rockies make the playoffs

For the longest time, the Colorado Rockies have been one of the two, maybe three, laughing stocks of the NL West. Fortunately, Rockie faithful don’t have to wait too long ot shut up the critics.

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In all honesty, it’s hard to see how the 2016 Rockies underperformed and didn’t at least give a run at the Wild Card. With a stellar outfield and even better infield, the only hole was pitching. Yes pitching wins championships, but playing at Coors Field should be enough for the offense.


With the addition of Ian Desmond this offseason, and him set to play first base everyday when he returns from his fractured finger injury, the only offensive/defensive hole was filled. The only problem is still the pitching. It’s hard to point out the one true ace a contending team needs.

Fortunately, I predict Tyler Chatwood and Jon Gray turning heads this year. This gives the Rockies that push they need. If they add an arm this trade deadline to anchor down the back end of the rotation or even an ace, it’s clear the Rockies can make the playoffs. Even with this team now as it is, with Desmond, The Rox can make a run at the Wild Card.

Season prediction: finishing with ~88 wins taking the second Wild Card spot


Astros finish with the best record in baseball

In 2015, Sports Illustrated named the Houston Astros the 2017 World Series champions. As crazy as that seemed then, that being a legitimate outcome has came true, at least.

With arguably the best infield in baseball, along with a solid bullpen and moderately solid rotation, the possibility of the best record in the MLB is a possibility.

Alex Bregman (2) and George Springer (4) – Trask Smith via

The monster stats the double play turning duo of Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa provide will be insane, like always. With the young up-and-coming rookie at the hot corner, Alex Bregman will hold up his end of the bargain. To go with the high expectations outfielder George Springer will be nice. Throw in the additions this offseason in Josh Reddick, Carlos Beltran and Brian Mccann, the offense is not a question.


The only way this could not be possibility is remains in the hands of the starting pitchers. A case could be made about a questionable bullpen, but the ‘stros rotation is in worse shape. They pulled off a nice move adding Charlie Morton to the rotation.

In my opinion, the rotation is taking shape. Youngsters up and coming behind the beard himself Dallas Keuchel. Though he had a down year compared to his 2015 Cy Young campaign, I predict a bounce back year. Though hitting is contagious, pitching is too and this will apply to the 2017 Astros.

Season prediction: AL West Champions at ~98 wins


Rick Porcello disappoints

What? The reigning Cy Young winner will disappoint the next season? Because this is text and not tone, you probably couldn’t catch on to the sarcasm.

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As an example, Keuchel disappointed following his Cy Young year. Another would be Rick Porcello’s te

ammate David Price. In 2012 he won AL Cy Young. In 2013 he finished with an ERA of 3.33 giving up four more hits in 31 less innings as 2012.


No to to imply that the Cy Young award brings a curse, but, rather, Porcello is likely to continue this trend. With the likings of third ace Chris Sale along with Price in the rotation, Porcello and the Boston Red Sox have great insurance incase this is true.

Predicted stats: ~3.40 ERA with 10-15 wins and 10-15 loses

Just a reminder, thoughts and opinions are my own. Based on my own research, I came to a conclusion on situations that may not even happen.