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3 Reasons The Eagles Should Not Pursue Brandon Marshall

Eagles Should Not Sign Brandon Marshall Alex Schierholtz / Flickr


The Eagles Should Not Pursue Brandon Marshall

PHILADELPHIA – Late Tuesday night Rich Cimini, ESPN National Reporter, published an article predicting New York Jets’ WR Brandon Marshall to be released. This of course sent Eagles fans into a frenzy. As they replayed dropped passes and poor route running in their heads, Twitter came alive with a collective plea to bring the WR to Philadelphia. I get it, Brandon Marshall is a good receiver and will probably perform decently with the right team. However, if he is released, that team should not be the Philadelphia Eagles.

Reason 1: Marshall is too old

Brandon Marshall will be 33 years old in March!

We all witnessed a drop in production over this past season, some attributed to the QB situation, but all in all, he is nearing the end of the line. Recording the second lowest totals in receptions (59) and yards (788) of his career, and his second subpar season in his last three years. Carson Wentz is in dire need of young talented players. Players that are able to develop with him and grow as a collective unit.

Think about it.

Where will Marshall be in three years when Carson is expected to be hitting his prime? He will be at Wal-Mart, buying new tennis balls to put on his walker.


Reason 2: Howie Roseman

At the end of this past season Howie Roseman, Eagles Executive Vice President of Football Operations, made some clear comments moves he had made in free agency over the years.

… you can put Band-Aids on some things. I mean, I think you look at the cornerback position and what we’ve done at the cornerback position is put Band-Aids on things.

Later, he went on to add:

Ideally in free agency, you’re signing 26-, 27-year-old guys who can be part of the core.

Both of these statements revolve around the same philosophy: Build the team young and don’t try to patch single positions for now, when the team is not ready.

There are many holes on this Eagles team, too many for any single season to make the difference. And too many to put  Band-Aids on the WR position.

Reason 3: Salary Cap

The Eagles enter this off season in an unusual position, having to work with a tight budget then past years under Roseman. Spotrac lists the Eagles at 29th in team salary heading into 2017. Last year Howie Roseman aggressively locked up a great group of core players to begin his journey to a playoffs. While they were all necessary signings, it still leaves the Eagles with the task of having to orchestrate a very methodical offseason.

Marshall will attract a decent yearly salary based off of his name alone. Even more so in a market set by Tavon Austin‘s 4 year, $42 million deal with the LA Rams. With Jordan Matthews needing a new contract, hopefully before the season starts, I do not think there is any reason the Eagles should spend money on an aging, declining wide out.