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3 Triple Plays In A Season? Not A Problem For The White Sox

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The White Sox have had their fair share of triple plays this year as they now become the first team since 1979 to turn 3 triple plays in a season. The Sox 3rd triple play puts them in the ranks of the Boston Red Sox and the Oakland Athletics who both had 3 triple plays in 1979.

The Sox seem to make the triple plays shorter each time on the scorecards pulling off a 9-3-2-6-2-5 against the Texas Rangers on April 22nd, then the south side Sox had a 5-4-3 triple play against Houston on May 18th. This time the Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson made it easy for the scorekeepers pulling off a 6-3 triple play.

Anderson’s quick hands allowed him to field the one hopper and tag Chase d’Arnaud, who was heading back to the bag thinking Anderson had caught the ball on a line, then touch second base and throw out Freddie Freeman running to first base.

This was the first time Anderson was a part of a triple play with the South Siders and when asked about it Anderson replied

“It was good and it just happened at the right moment.”

The White Sox really needed the triple play as Chris Sale had an off night going only 5 innings, allowing a season high 8 earned runs and gave up a career high 7 extra base hits in the 11-8 loss to the Braves.

White Sox manager Robin Ventura also commented on the triple play stating

“You don’t count on those. You don’t expect to see one in a year, let alone three.”

Chris Sale had a humorous reply when asked about the triple play

” Let’s get No. 4, take the record,” Sale said of the triple play. “Had ’em right where I wanted them – first and second, nobody out.”

Well with more than 2 months of baseball left to be played, there are plenty of games left for the White Sox to set the record of 4 triple plays in a season.

It is also worth noting that the Milwaukee Brewers are the only other team in the majors to turn a triple play this season.