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5 Crazy Things About This World Series

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5 Crazy Things You May Not Know

About This World Series

Do you call yourself a true baseball fan?  Do you like to rattle off statistics to your friends about the World Series?  If you answered yes to either of these then here is a few things you may not have known.

1). Terry Francona has a connection to the Cubs

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Francona had a brief stint with the Chicago Cubs back in 1986.  He would play in 86 games and bat .250 with two home runs.  One of his home runs was a game tying shot to tie the game v/s the Montreal Expos.  He would later leave the Cubs to play one year in Cincinnati, one year in Cleveland and finished his career in Milwaukee with a career batting average of .274.

2) Javier Baez, Franciso Lindor have several things in common

Both Baez and Lindor were born in Puerto Rico where they met for the first time playing against each other as kids.  Both players would move to the United States and would meet up again in Florida.  They went to high Schools that were just 170 miles apart.  Just 5 years ago they played in front of 100 scouts at a high school showcase just outside of Orlando.  Both Baez and Lindor have sisters that suffer from diseases.  Lindor has a sister that has cerebral palsy and Baez has a sister born with spina-bifida.  In 2011 both players were taken in the MLB player draft. Francisco Lindor would go at #8 to the Indians and Javier Baez would be taken at #9 by the Cubs.  Now each of these players find themselves trying to lead their teams to a World Series title and each has proven they can handle the big stage.

World Series

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World Series

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3) Relievers at the Trade-Deadline

The Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs made big moves at the trade deadline this year.  The Indians were in need of relief pitching and would find the player they needed playing in a Yankees uniform.  On July 30, 2016 the Indians made a trade for dominant left-handed reliever, Andrew Miller.  Miller has been a key part to the Indians success throughout the second half of the season and in the playoffs.  Just two weeks prior to this move from the Indians, the Cubs would also trade for a Yankee reliever.  Aroldis Chapman would head to the North Side of Chicago to add a fire-balling lefty to their bull pen too.  Like Miller, Chapman has been a major key in the Cubs second half success and playoff success thus far.

World Series

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World Series

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4) Do you know about the Indians curse?

Of course everyone knows the story of “The Curse of the Billy Goat”, but do you know about the curse the Indians have on them?  The Indians currently have the “Curse of Rocky Colavito.”  In 1960 the Indians traded right-fielder Rocky Colavito for Harvey Kuenn.  Rumor has it that Colavito was unhappy with the trade and placed a curse on the Indians.  After the trade Cleveland fans were furious that GM Frank “Trader” Lane had traded away all the players they once had.  After the trade the Indians would go 33 years where they didn’t finish within 11 games of first place.  The Curse would seem to extend beyond just the Indians baseball team.  In the Game Colavito was traded he hit a home run in the 4th inning, before being announced that he was traded.  Four hours after the game ended Russwood Park, where they played the game, would burn to the ground in a 5-alarm fire.  At least we know one thing for sure about this World Series.  One of these two teams will be cursed no more when it is over.

World Series

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World Series

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5) Proof is in the Numbers

As we all know it has been 108 years since the Cubs last won a World Series, but another number that seems to point to a Cubs victory is the number 103.  The Cubs would win a 103 games during the regular season.  In Game 6 of the NLCS the Cubs would throw a combined game where they faced the minimum players possible.  In that game the Cubs pitching staff would throw 103 pitches.

Now the #108

Jon Lester would throw exactly 108 pitches in the Cubs Game 5 win against the Dodgers in the NLCS.

–In game one of the NLDS, Javier Baez would launch a home run to win the game on the 108th pitch of the game.

–In order for the Cubs to win they must record 108 outs in the World Series. That’s right there are 27 outs in a game and if you multiply that by 4 wins it comes to a grand total of 108.

Tom Ricketts the owner of the Cubs comes from a family that made it’s wealth through a finance company called Ameritrade.  The headquarters for Ameritrade is located in Omaha at 108th Avenue.

–The tower that broadcasts Cubs baseball is 108 stories tall.

–Wrigley Field is labeled under building code #108.

–If the Cubs can win the series in 5 games it will be their 108th postseason game.

And Last but not least:

–The two movies that show the Cubs winning the World Series are Back to the Future 2 and Takin care of Business.  Are you ready for this?  Each movie runs for exactly 108 minutes.



World Series

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So keep an eye out and see if you can find anymore crazy facts when it comes to the World Series, because a match-up like this one doesn’t come around very often.