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5 Reasons Why The Cowboys Can Still Win Divison

Dallas Cowboys can still win division in 2016 PAUL MOSELEY VIA FLICKR.COM


The 2016 NFC East Division Title Remains In Sight For Dallas

The NFC East division title may seem like a long shot for Dallas, however it might not actually that far from the Cowboys’ grasp.

The NFC East division remains wide open and yes, the Cowboys still have a shot. Even without Tony Romo. Here are five reasons to believe in this Cowboys team and believe that they can emerge as the top team in the NFC East.

Reason number one: Dez Bryant

There is no better luxury for a rookie quarterback than to have an elite talent at the wide receiver position. Dez Bryant is arguably a top three wide receiver in the NFL. Since he was drafted in 2010, Bryant leads all active wide receivers in touchdowns with 59, according to He has the ability to go up and grab the ball out of the air from any point on the field. With his size and speed, he creates various mismatches for opposing cornerbacks on a weekly basis.

Throughout the 2016 preseason, Dak Prescott has taken advantage when he’s had playing time with BryantPrescott and Bryant have connected for two touchdowns in the two games they have played together. Prescott seems to have established a solid connection with his pro bowl receiver already. Dez Bryant gives any a team a chance to contend for the division title.

Reason number two: Ezekiel Elliott

Yes, Elliott has never seen meaningful regular season action in the NFL. He is still adjusting to the tempo and game atmosphere that exists at the NFL level. Even as a rookie, he might be the best running back in the division.

Ezekiel Elliott was drafted by Dallas to come in and do two things; run the football and tire out defenses. Elliott should receive a heavy dose of work this season as the Cowboys are attempting to establish an elite running attack again. When a team has a dynamic player such as Ezekiel Elliott, it provides a force that opposing defenses must properly game plan for.

Elliott excels in all phases of the running back skill set. He can block or pass protect very well, catch the ball out of the back field, and of course run up and down the football field. Elliott will provide a much needed spark on offense and help carry the Cowboys throughout the season.

Reason number three: The offensive line

Tyron Smith, Travis Fredrick, and Zack Martin are all first round picks the Cowboys have invested in. They have established a young and dominant line up front and it will pave the way for Ezekiel Elliott and Alfred Morris to run through.

Wind the clock back to 2014. Not to take anything away from DeMarco Murray, but he had a lot of help earning his 1,800 rushing yard season. The Dallas offensive line carried the offense all season and established the Cowboys’ physical identity. I bring this up because this is the reason they drafted Ezekiel Elliott with the fourth overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. The Cowboys have a vision to emulate 2014 with their running game.

Reason number four: Weak competition

The NFC East was once one of the more talented and deadly divisions in the NFL. Recently, it has been quite the opposite.

With Philadelphia in a bit of a rebuilding mode this year, they don’t pose a legitimate threat to Dallas. The Eagles are still figuring out who will be their guy this year at quarterback. The running game is a bit of a question mark with Ryan Mathews starting. He has had a long history of injuries. The offensive line could lose their best player in Lane Johnson as he is facing a lengthy suspension.

Washington may have the best defense in the division, but I find Kirk Cousins to be questionable at best as far as a quarterback that is capable of leading a team. Yes, the Redskins won the title in 2015, but Dallas was not healthy at all and has since vastly improved. Cousins is a guy who will commit one too many mistakes and will cost his team.

The New York Giants made a few splashes in free agency this year. They added cornerback, Janoris Jenkins and defensive end, Oliver Vernon. The Giants also drafted a young wide receiver in Sterling Shepard to compliment Odell Beckham Jr. Still, The Giants lack offensive line strength and an effective running game.

Overall, all three of the Cowboys’ rivals have big question marks regarding how good their teams really are. The Cowboys have established an identity already. They are going to run the ball, A LOT. With flashes of solid quarterback play from Dak Prescott, an eager running back in Ezekiel Elliott, and an elite wide receiver in Dez Bryant, the Cowboys have the most talent on that side of the ball.

Reason number five: Strength of schedule

Of the 16 regular season games, the Cowboys will play just five teams that had a winning record in 2015. The Cowboys have the 27th ranked schedule, according to Dallas will play a lot of soft defenses in 2016, which will benefit their high octane offense.

Being the offensive juggernaut that is the Cowboys, they might have just enough in their tank to contend for and win the 2016 NFC East division title. Dak Prescott is a rookie, but with all his given surroundings, he has all the tools to succeed. After all, 9 or 10 wins could deliver a division title in the NFC East.