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5 Things Eagles Fans Can Be Thankful For This Year

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5 Things Eagles Fans Can Be Thankful For This Year

As Thanksgiving quickly approached us this year, I couldn’t help but think about all of the things I’m so lucky to have in my life.  The Philadelphia Eagles are no exception.  With so many recent organizational changes, the team is showing promise, and fans have a lot to be thankful for this year.

I won’t get into many specifics, but brief summaries of each of the top five things I believe we can be thankful for as Eagles fans.

Let’s start at the bottom.

5.   2017 First Round Draft Pick (from Brule Laker via Flickr)

The Eagles acquired a first round draft pick when they sent Sam Bradford to the Minnesota Vikings, and that pick should help the team make the necessary additions they need to take the next step towards contention.  The team has been fun to watch this season, but there are glaring holes at cornerback and linebacker that will need to be addressed.  This first round pick could allow them to jump start the building process by acquiring players that will fit to the new systems run by the coaching staff.


4.   Brandon Graham‘s Big Break (from 3.3 million via Flickr)

No one has made their presence felt quite like Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham.  Many thought Graham would be an ideal fit in Jim Schwartz’s attacking defense, and he has risen to the occasion.  One of Pro Football Focus’ top graded pass rushers, Graham has made a name for himself as a premiere player in the league.  Another offseason with Schwartz will put Graham in prime position to establish himself as a true superstar heading into next season.

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3.   General Manager Howie Roseman (from Leaders Sport Performance Summit via Flickr)

Everyone knew that Howie Roseman would have his plate full with rebuilding the Eagles team from the Chip Kelly era.  Roseman quickly put the team in a position to move up to select Carson Wentz, while removing the under-performing Byron Maxwell, Kiko Alonso, and Demarco MurrayAlonso and Murray appear to be solid fits with their new teams, so they likely were hindered by Kelly, but they were a small price to pay for a franchise signal caller.  Albeit a small sample, Roseman has shown the ability to recognize organizational needs, which is a good sign moving forward.


2.  Jim Schwartz‘s Defensive Scheme (from Fabulous TV via Flickr)

The Eagles knew what they were doing when they brought Jim Schwartz in to run the defense.  Philadelphia has long been known for it’s grit, and that’s what Schwartz demands of his players.  With several key pieces that fit his scheme, Schwartz has transformed the defense from arguably the worst unit in the league to one that demands respect from opposing offensive coordinators.  They lack talent and depth at cornerback and linebacker, but this unit is exciting and filled with players who are giving it all for each other.  As they begin to obtain players that fit their scheme, you hopefully see this unit transform into one of the leagues best.


NUMBER ONE.   Carson Wentz (from Keith Allison via Flickr)

So, this was a layup.  Carson Wentz has given the Philadelphia faithful a brief glimpse into the future, and it’s really bright.  Coming out of college, everyone knew Wentz would likely need some extra development.  Fans were pleasantly surprised when quarterback Bradford was traded, which meant that #11 would be the man.  After blowing the league away for the first three games, Wentz came back to earth.  Some may be discouraged by that, but what did you expect? A rookie quarterback is going to struggle against veteran players and coordinators, especially once they have game tape of him.  Wentz has continued to show the traits that led him to be the second overall draft pick.  He cannot be rattled, he has a cannon for an arm, and he absolutely loves the game of football.  Analysts and opposing coaches continue to rave, and you should be very, very thankful for Carson Wentz on this Thanksgiving.


Now go eat some good food and enjoy a day full of America’s greatest game.