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5 Ways The Falcons Can Get Back To The Super Bowl

Falcons Super Bowl Nick Nickell via Flickr


5 Ways The Falcons Super Bowl Chances Can Be High

Coming off a bad Super Bowl loss, the Atlanta Falcons are looking for some revenge. Before the season started, the Falcons Super Bowl chances looked very bleak. Nobody expected them to be in the Super Bowl last year, let alone the playoffs. There were many surprises on both sides of the football and they showed much potential for the future. The Falcons have to go through many things before they can think about the Super Bowl again. There will definitely be some ups and downs for this team, but this is how the Falcons Super Bowl chances can be high this season.

Simple Mindset

After the NFC Championship loss to the 49ers in 2012, the Falcons only had one thing their mind. Super Bowl or bust was the only thing they cared about in 2013. Sadly, it didn’t turn out well for them. Instead of focusing on taking the season game by game, their only focus was getting to somewhere they hadn’t even reached the previous season. Luckily, Coach Quinn seems to have the team ready to take the season slow and play the game that’s in their faces that week. If you handle your business in the regular season, things will look brighter in the future.

Defense Plays To Expectations

The Falcons defense found its groove late last season, and they can only get better. With the addition of Dontari Poe in the offseason, the defensive line looks intimidating. Also with Derrick Shelby and Adrian Clayborn coming back from injuries, the team has a lot of depth on the line. The linebacker trio of Deion Jones, De’Vondre Campbell, and rookie Duke Riley shows nothing but fast and physical. With Desmond Trufant coming back from injury, he not only completes the stacked secondary but the entire defense as a whole. This defense is by far the best the Falcons have had in a while, all they have to do is play like it.

Offense Stays Afloat

The Falcons offense was great last season, and there shouldn’t be a reason it won’t be this season. With only the departures of Patrick DiMarco and Aldrick Robinson, the same core will be intact. Even with the departure of Kyle Shanahan, the offense will still be efficient. New offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian has a similar scheme, so the offense should have the same success. The running back duo of Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman is dangerous coming out of the backfield. The receivers proved last season that single coverage isn’t enough to stop, which leaves other players open. With all the weapons on the offensive side of the ball, the Falcons Super Bowl chances look good.

Matt Ryan

The MVP of last season. Nobody expected Ryan to play the way he did. He threw touchdowns to 13 different receivers and made it look easy doing so. Barring any injury or major decline in production, expect Matt Ryan to light it up. The chemistry he has with his players is also a major key to his success. The timing of the ball to the receiver is important and with the same group returning that shouldn’t be a problem. If Ryan can play like he did last season or somewhat close to it, the rest of the NFL should be worried.

Keep The Brotherhood Alive

Maybe an underrated part of the Falcons is the love they have for one another. Outside of football, this team seems like a tight group. They hang out together and have a bond that can’t be broken. You can see it on the field as well. When either the offense or the defense makes a big play, the sideline is more excited than ever. They come off the field to congratulate each other and that gives the team a major boost. The Falcons used the term “Brotherhood” a lot last season, and it was evident that they believed in it. If this team can stay together as a group on and off the field, it can only make them better.

If the Falcons can maintain these factors and stay in the moment, there is no doubt they can seek revenge in the Super Bowl. This team has been putting in work this offseason and they look ready to be challenged.