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76ers Gets Jersey Sponsorship

The Philadelphia 76ers, become the first major sports franchise in North America to get a jersey patch with a sponsor. The deal is for three years and will be worth 15 million dollars. Half of the money made will go to the team and the other half will go to StubHub. The patch will start appearing on the jerseys at the beginning of the 2017-2018 season.

This is huge for the NBA. This opens up a lot of new doors. Smaller companies could buy in, and it could help get the companies name out there, and help grow the business. It is speculated that the ads could bring up to 100 to 150 million dollars annually. This could also cause some bidding wars between companies for a spot of some of the better teams, such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, or The Oklahoma City Thunder.

The patches, also wouldn’t be too much of a distraction, as they only take up a very small portion of the jersey. The patches are 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches, so they are very small. Now you won’t be seeing any patches that are competitors of Nike, who are the makers of the new jerseys, so there will be no Adidas, Under Armor, or Jordan patches. There also won’t be any patches that have anything to do with, gambling, alcohol and drugs, or politics.

In my opinion I think it’s bad move for StubHub. In the 2015-2016 season the Sixers were not on national television once. The Sixers have also won 47 games over the past three seasons. It doesn’t make much sense for such a big company to buy ad space on a losing team that is nearly ever on T.V. Only people who go to the games will see the ad, and the people who sit up high during games, will also have a tough time seeing the patch. Overall this is a good move for the NBA, as it opens new doors. It’s a great move by the 76ers, because they will be making money they could spend on renovations or free agents, but a bad move for StubHub seeing as they are sponsoring a losing franchise that hardly gets any air time.

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