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A Running Diary of a Pistons Fan in the Return of Reggie Jackson

Delka03/via Flickr


Normally, an early December game that features the Detroit Pistons and the Orlando Magic isn’t worthy a running diary. To be honest, it would hardly be worth watching if it wasn’t for the snow and 30 degrees outside my apartment.

But today is different. This game is special. This game marks the return of Reggie Jackson, the point guard and leader of my Detroit Pistons, after missing the beginning of the season with a knee injury. What better way to honor this glorious day than with a running diary with my uncensored opinions throughout the game?


Sunday, 6PM, Introductions: Watching on NBA League Pass is great (when it works), they show the pre game warm ups, which allows me to hear Reggie “Six foot three” Jaaaacccckkkssssoooooon! for the first time this year. My heart is so happy. I can’t hold back the smiling.


11:37: Andre Drummond, my second favorite Piston, rebounds Tobias Harris’ missed jumper, because Tobias is bad and I hate that people refuse to acknowledge just how bad he is. Thankfully, Drummond finds Reggie at the three point line, who decides to size up his defender, and SINK A THREE IN HIS EYE IN HIS FIRST SHOT OF THE YEAR.

Quick side note: Anyone who has played pickup basketball understands how hard this is to do. Not only do most people try to get their first shot of the day going to the rim, but if they do shoot, it will be a nice little jumper to get their rhythm going. Reggie decided he wanted his first shot OF THE YEAR to be a size up three. I love Reggie.

6:24 : Marcus Morris is if Carmelo Anthony had JR Smith’s shot selection, but somehow he has made four three pointers in the first quarter. I will never give Morris credit, so this has to be because Reggie is back in the lineup. (You may have noticed I dislike two-fifths of the Pistons starting lineup, and you would be correct)

END OF 1st QUARTER: Pistons 27, Magic 23 (Good Start!)

SECOND QUARTER, 10:20 : Reggie Jackson curls around a screen, and gets a beautiful finger role, left handed layup for two points. As this is the season of giving and thanks, I wanted to thank Reggie Jackson for giving my Pistons a point guard who can play basketball again!

8:15: Reggie just hit a step back long two jumper over his defender, and the mic picked up him saying, “how that taste?”  as he backpedals on defense. Some call this being cocky, I call it confidence. Do you Reggie, do you.

6:55: We are about to experience our first Andre Drummond free throws of the night. His form is the same I have when trying to throw wadded up paper into the trash can. Both clank hard of the back iron. This is the burden I must learn to live with.

2:00: Jeff Green of all people is now four of four with ten points. What is going on? We need more Reggie in the second half to pull this game off.

HALFTIME: Pistons trail the Magic, 50-58. Reggie’s first half of basketball all season: 12 minutes, 3-6 from the field, 1-2 from deep, 2 assists and a turnover for seven points. I’d give his return an B (even though my fan side wants to give him an A+)

3rd QUARTER, 8:30: Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic just go Marcus Morris with the “throw it off the back when the defender is turned” play we all did in middle school. Magic up four.

4:20: Ish Smith, the Piston’s backup point guard, shoots his jumper from his chest like a seven year old. Interesting strategy. Not surprisingly, he missed. Pistons now down nine.

End of 3rd Quarter: Pistons trail Magic 78-73

4TH QUARTER, 10:20: Our Savior Reggie Jackson just nailed a nice mid range jumper to bring the Pistons within six, 76-82.

9:12: The Pistons are getting absolutely destroyed by Nikola Vucevic with 16 points, which I believe is something that that has never been said in the history of basketball. Things aren’t going great right now.

6:20: I forgot what happened, because during this timeout, instead of cutting to commercial, NBA League Pass showed the Pistons dance cam, in which the usher begins to dance like nothing I’ve seen before. A quick youtube search reveals this has been going on for years. Incredible.

1:33: Pistons force a turnover, lead down to six as Tobias hits a three.

40 seconds: KCP hits a three, Pistons down five. All things are possible with Reggie as our leader.

END OF REGULATION: Not today, just the Heat in Lebron’s first game, or Kevin Durant’s first game as a Warrior, Reggie Jackson’s first game back as a Piston will end in a loss. However, we all will leave today with heads held high after Reggie’s 18 points and 4 assists. The future is bright. Congrats to the 2017 NBA Champions, Detroit Pistons, on getting your point guard back!