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A Trade Involving Cowboys’ Darren McFadden Could Fill A Big Need At Defensive End

Darren McFadden NFL Joe Dale Bradshaw via Flickr



After the Dallas Cowboys selected Ezekiel Elliot with the fourth pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, it was no secret that they wanted to get back to their 2014 form by running the ball.

In addition to drafting Elliot, the Cowboys signed former Redskins running back Alfred Morris. Morris is entering his 5th NFL season and has yet to miss a single game of his young career.

Now, what does this mean for veteran running back Darren McFadden? McFadden is nearing the dreaded number 30( in age), which is often when most NFL running backs start to decline in production. Aside from aging, McFadden has a history of injuries.

The Cowboys have a plethora of young running back talent this season, like 6th round draft pick, Darius Jackson.

Jackson has had a strong camp and played well in the Cowboys’ first preseason game against the Rams.

Being the older back with more miles and wear and tear on his body, Darren McFadden could be dealt to another team in exchange for a defensive end to fill a big void in the Cowboys’ defense.

With young and upcoming running back talent, McFadden doesn’t supply much value on the Cowboys’ roster. He could however, contribute in a more meaningful role wearing another uniform.

There are a few defensive end candidates that could be on the trade block.

The Miami Dolphins have a very talented defensive line, as well as a few players they could potentially move. A  name that comes to mind from their roster would be Dion Jordan. He is a very young and talented player. Jordan was drafted in 2013 by the Dolphins. He is coming off a knee injury as well, but he would fit in nicely along the Cowboys’ defensive line.

It might be a bit far fetched, but Joey Bosa of the San Diego Chargers could be a guy for the Cowboys to look at.

Bosa was a guy high on the Cowboys’ 2016 draft board. If he was available when the Cowboys picked, they would have given Bosa great consideration.

The Cowboys may have to look for a player of a lower caliber to move McFadden. It would be a move that would overall benefit them if they were to land a decent defensive lineman in return.

They have multiple defensive players suspended for the majority of the season, like Randy Gregory and Rolando McClain.

A Darren McFadden trade makes all the sense in the world. They will have Ezekiel Elliot, Alfred Morris, Darius Jackson, Lance Dunbar, and possibly another running back on the final roster.

In 2015, the Dallas running back depth chart was huge question mark and Darren McFadden was the answer.

One year later, that same position is young and overflowing with talent.

McFadden lead the Cowboys in rushing yards a year ago but he may be the solution to the Cowboys’ defensive end needs via trade.