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Aaron Judge, Luis Severino Earn Pinstripes

Aaron Judge apardavila via flickr


Aaron Judge and Luis Severino Earn Starting Jobs

The Yankees announced Thursday morning that Aaron Judge will be the starting right fielder. Manager Joe Girardi also revealed that Luis Severino will open the season as the club’s fourth starter.


For Judge, the news comes a day after Girardi made comments that seemed to suggest there was a chance the young slugger may begin the season in Triple-A to ensure he gets to play every day.

If you thought that sounded like crazy talk, you were not alone. May fans took to Twitter to voice their outrage at the thought of sending the rising star down to the minors. Relax guys, the Judge is back.


As for Severino, the Yankees have made it known that they want him to succeed as a starter. After finding success in 2015, Severino stumbled in 2016 only to be moved to the bullpen where he returned to his dominant self.

Joe Girardi made it clear on Wednesday that the young right hander would be a starter. What he didn’t say was whether or not he would start at Triple-A. With the announcement on Thursday, the Yankees let it be known that they believe in Severino and his ability to become a big league starter.


These two moves reveal what many have already speculated about the Yankees’ plans. This club believes they can be competitive this year, but they are still rebuilding and grooming their young stars. If we’re being honest, they are still at least a year or two away from being real contenders. However…

Judge and Severino have nothing left to prove in the minors. It’s time to let the kids play and find out what they can do over the course of a full big league season.

One thing is certain, it will be exciting to see what these young ball players can do if they play to their high level of potential. I know I’ll be watching.