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Adam Rose Arrested, Suspended Indefinitely

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Adam Rose Arrested, Suspended Indefinitely

WWE Superstar Adam Rose has been suspended indefinitely, after an arrest early Wednesday morning in Hillsborough County, Florida, where he was charged with tampering with a witness and battery domestic violence, according to a report by Mike Johnson of He remains in custody as of this report.

Adam Rose, whose real name is Raymond John Leppan, was already serving a 60 -day suspension from the WWE for violating the company’s talent wellness policy before Wednesday’s arrest, and following it, the company stated that he was suspended indefinitely.

Rose had been very vocal leading up to the incident, where he spoke vigorously about his suspension, where he suggested that his positive test may have come from his use of Adderall, which his doctor prescribed to him in order to treat his ADHD, even going so far as to share a note that his doctor had written in his defense:

Here is the doctors note once again! I did nothing but take prescribed medication. knew about it for a year

 Rose stated in another tweet that he would be “absolutely ok” with whatever decision the company would take in regards to his violation, as long as he was still able to take care of his family. Rose, who started out in the company’s former camp promotion Florida Championship Wrestling back in 2010, originally wrestled under the name “Leo Kruger”, winning the FCW Championship during his time there. He switched to the Rose gimmick in NXT in 2014.
Rose had faded into obscurity until recently, when he was put into a group with other former NXT talents Heath Slater, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel to form the “Social Outcasts” stable in the WWE. Before that, he was usually used as enhancement talent to make other stars look good.
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