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AJ Lee Answers Interesting ‘Total Divas’ Question During Book Tour


AJ Lee Answers ‘Total Divas’ Question During Book Tour

Former WWE superstar and champion, AJ Lee, has been making the rounds in the news lately. As she is currently on tour promoting her book Crazy is My Superpower, she’s been revealing more about herself than she ever has before.

AJ has often shied away from the media in the past, which ultimately lead to her turning down a role on E!’s Total Divas. Finally, she has shone a little light on what could have been, but never was. AJ revealed what Vince McMahon’s reaction was when she opted out of the hit reality TV show during a recent Q&A session:

“I didn’t realize how offensive that would be [turning down the offer to do the show] and I think Vince McMahon got a kick out of that. Because people kind of jump at those opportunities, and he was kind of fatherly towards me.”

AJ also revealed that she had given serious thought to the show. In fact, she was given storylines to choose from. She was set to replace Jojo as the small, quiet girl. Instead, AJ walked away from the opportunity.

More so, if it weren’t for the infamous AJ Lee, there would have never been a diva’s pipebomb. She states that, because of her decision, her epic promo would have never taken place:

“He came up to me at Raw and was like ‘so you don’t wanna do the show?’ I said no, and he’s like ‘ok well, tell us why today’ and that was it. They gave me a live mic and I guess nobody knew I was doing it.”

Vince McMahon approved of her promo and congratulated her on it as well. Unfortunately, she got massive backstage heat after verbally shredding the cast of the show.

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